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Naomi Wolf delivers a message for the Truth and Accountability Movement to WeAreChangeLA

On October 7, 2008, Naomi Wolf was at Vroman's bookstore in Pasadena, California to give a talk and sign her new book "Give Me Liberty." Stewart Howe, of WeAreChangeLA, was on hand and asked Ms. Wolf to give a message to the truth and accountability movement.

After admitting that she had no theory about what actually happened on 9/11, Ms. Wolf stated that no question should be off the table in a free society and saluted the movement's desire to seek truth and accountability.

Christie Todd Whitman Not Liable For Telling Residents That World Trade Center Air Was Safe To Breathe, Judge Rules

Christie Todd Whitman Not Liable For Telling Residents That World Trade Center Air Was Safe To Breathe, Judge Rules

NEW YORK — Former EPA chief Christine Todd Whitman cannot be held liable for telling residents near the World Trade Center site that the air was safe to breathe after the 2001 terrorist attacks, a federal appeals court said Tuesday.

The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said Whitman apparently made comments reassuring people about the safety around the site based on conflicting information and reassurances by the White House.

The appeals court said legal remedies are not always available for every instance of arguably deficient governmental performance.

A Department of Justice lawyer had argued late last year that holding the former head of the Environmental Protection Agency liable would set a dangerous precedent in future disasters because public officials would fear making public statements.

Air of Truth

July 8, 2007
Op-Ed Contributor
Air of Truth

IN her recent testimony before the House subcommittee that I lead, Christie Whitman, the former administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, played a shell game intended to create confusion about the federal government’s failure to protect rescue workers and others in New York after the World Trade Center towers fell on Sept. 11.

In the days after the attacks, the agency repeatedly gave blanket assurances about air quality. For example, Mrs. Whitman said on Sept. 18, 2001, that she was “glad to reassure the people of New York” that “their air is safe to breathe.” Such broad assurances contradicted government tests Mrs. Whitman had showing dangerous levels of asbestos both on the World Trade Center site — the so-called pile — and in surrounding neighborhoods. She now says that her statements referred to air quality in Lower Manhattan generally, not to air quality on the pile where rescue personnel were working.





June 27, 2007 -- UGLY accusations threaten to permanently fracture New York's heroic post-9/11 legacy - and, perhaps worse, to deny the realities the city faced in those first horrific days, weeks and months.

Some headlines this week treated former Environmental Protection Agency chief Christie Todd Whitman like Osama bid Laden himself. The topic was her U.S. House testimony Monday on the EPA's response to 9/11, where she took criticism for saying, a week after the attacks, that the air Downtown - not directly on the pile, as the WTC site was called - "was safe to breathe."

Interrogators implied that her statement was incorrect at best and at worst a cold lie. One House member even faulted her for bringing up the fact that the attack was personal for her, since her son was in 7 World Trade Center that morning.

House Judiciary Subcmte. Hearing On EPA Response To 9/11 Attacks

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6/25/2007: WASHINGTON, DC: 5 hr.

Christine Todd Whitman, former Environ. Protection Agency Admin., testifies about her agencies response to the 9/11 attacks. Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), conducts a House Judiciary subcmte. investigation into due process violations by the EPA regarding air quality. Whitman directed the EPA from 2001–2003.

Whitman's son was in Building 7 on 9/11

In her testimony today, Christie Todd Whitman revealed that her son was in Building 7 on 9/11:

"Whitman finally boiled over when Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) told her she was obfuscating by bringing up the danger faced by her own family to prove her actions were motivated only by concern.

"My son was in building seven that day," Whitman nearly shouted, stabbing at her desk with her hands after Ellison asked if her calm statements might have been too broad."

I couldn't find anything that says what her son, Taylor, does, or why he was in WTC7. Anyone?


Christie Todd Whitman is currently nominated to be a director at United Technologies: