Christopher Story

What The 9/11 Abominations Achieved For The Crooks

The following is an excerpt from the latest article at World Reports. For background on the author of this following excerpt, see: About the Editor, Author and Publisher: Christopher Story FRSA.

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Official: Money Saboteurs = Economic Terrorists.


Meanwhile, we can now identify BY NAME two more prominent criminalist financiers operating behind the scenes in the ‘service’ of the Bush Crime Family and its associates, who have been engaged in sabotaging the Settlements process, certainly for as long as we have been attempting to monitor this crisis, namely:

• Paul W. Siegé, of Wyndham, CT, who's often been referred to as ‘the Connecticut Trustee’, or ‘CT’ for short. ‘Working for’ George H. W. Bush Sr., this fellow’s activities embrace the stolen Delmarva Trust assets, via Loca France-U.S. Corporation and C.T. Corporation Systems, Miami, identified as Bush Sr. Fraudulent Finance operations.

Christopher Story on 9/11

Christopher Story has been editing a series of Economic Intelligence Journals from the UK for the last 35 years. Subscriptions are expensive - $300 to over $900 per year. But he pubishes free bulletins on his website a few times per month: Http://

In reading the testimonials on his website I found this: "I read with the utmost interest your article* entitled ‘The 9/11 aircraft were diversionary: The buildings were demolished by explosives’. May I please have permission to reprint the article in our local weekly newspaper". M. Salwasser, Reedley, CA, USA. December 2003. [*In Global Analyst].

So he's been exposing 9/11 since at least 2003. His current bulletins contain mind bogglingly huge allegations of corruption against the Bush Administration. I am curious as to why his work gets so little attention in the alternative media. The testimonials on his website are impressive and I copy some below, as well his own bio.