Ray McGovern, Retired CIA Analyst, Discusses 9/11

Hear Ray McGovern interviewed by Dennis Bernstein on KPFA's "Flashpoints" (Sept. 28).

7 CIA Vets Challenge 9/11 Commission Report

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Seven CIA Veterans Challenge 9/11 Commission Report
OpEdNews - Newtown,PA,USA

....Hartmann then asked, "So you are personally of the opinion ... that there was an aspect of 'inside job' to 9/11 within the US government?"...



At What Price, Safety?

Research: James Schlesinger, Bob Kerrey and Dov Zakheim and "Landmark Aviation Airport Services"

Landmark Aviation plans on divesting its FBO (fixed base operation) "Landmark Aviation Airport Services" and upon consultation with Merrill Lynch has placed the "Airport Services" division in a management trust operated and overseen by trustee's James Schlesinger, the former Secretary of Defense, Energy and CIA Director; former Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska (9/11 Commission); and Dov Zakheim, the former Pentagon comptroller.

(Background: Landmark Aviation was recently sold by the Carlyle Group to (DAE) Dubai Aerospace Enterprise Ltd.) Landmark Aviation and its "Airport Services" have also been suspected of running rendition flights out of Dulles Airport. (Links Below)


"DAE has placed Airport Services in a management trust. The FBO division is separated from the rest of DAE, and has its own infrastructure and support network. The trustees were selected in consultation with Merrill Lynch and include: James Schlesinger, the former Secretary of Defense; former Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska; and Dov Zakheim, the former Pentagon comptroller."

CIA Warns of Attack

This article seems to have gone under the radar due to OBL video...
The warning coincidently was given at the CFR.

Al-Qaeda plotting to strike U.S.: CIA

Al-Qaeda is plotting fresh attacks on the United States aimed at sowing death and destruction on a massive scale, CIA director Michael Hayden warned yesterday, the same day the terrorist group's leader resurfaced in a videotape bragging about altering the course of American history and warning that the only way to end the war in Iraq is for Americans to convert to Islam.

"Our analysts assess with high confidence that al-Qaeda's central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the American homeland," Mr. Hayden told the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

"Al-Qaeda is focusing on targets that would produce mass casualties, dramatic destruction and significant economic aftershocks." The 25-minute message marked the first time in three years that Mr. bin Laden has been seen, dispelling rumours of his death and heightening anxiety as Americans prepare to remember the more than 2,800 people killed in the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

Vital Lockerbie evidence 'was tampered with'

That's one of the headlines in today's Observer. The article starts:

"The key piece of material evidence used by prosecutors to implicate Libya in the Lockerbie bombing has emerged as a probable fake. Nearly two decades after Pan Am flight 103 exploded over Scotland on 21 December, 1988, allegations of international political intrigue and shoddy investigative work are being levelled at the British government, the FBI and the Scottish police as one of the crucial witnesses, Swiss engineer Ulrich Lumpert, has apparently confessed that he lied about the origins of a crucial 'timer' - evidence that helped tie the man convicted of the bombing to the crime.",,2160655,00.html

I liked the last paragraph too:
"Few people apart from conspiracy theorists and investigative journalists working on the case were prepared to believe Bollier until the end of last month, when Lumpert, one of his former employees, walked into a Zurich police station and asked to swear an affidavit before a notary."

Those krazy konspiracy theorists were right after all!

9/11 - CIA IG REPORT: A Little More Light Through the Cracks

Crimes of the State

PDF OF CIA INSPECTOR GENERAL REPORT EXECUTIVE SUMMARY, "OIG Report on CIA Accountability With Respect to the 9/11 Attacks", June 2005

George Tenet is pissed. He wrote a lengthy and disgusted response to this CIA Inspector General report, printed in the NY Times (August 21, 2007). Here is his closing line:

"But just as we owed it to the country to do better — the CIA IG owed it to the nation and the men and women of the intelligence community to do a better job in reviewing the circumstances that led to the tragedy of September 11th." --Former Director of CIA, George Tenet

What's gotten Tenet so frosty? I mean, he does admit that "...we owed it to the country to do better..."

The CIA's "Summary" doesn't spill too many beans, but in general language they hint at realities that other reports like the FBI Inspector General Report have already revealed.

"Concerning certain issues [unspecified], the ["Accountability Review"] Team concluded that the [Central Intelligence] Agency and its officers did not discharge their responsibilities in a satisfactory manner.

That is a pretty powerful statement, depending upon what the "issues" actually refer to. The previous FBI IG report (2004) exposed how the CounterTerrorism Center (CTC) -- run by CIA -- deliberately blocked a memo from alerting the FBI about two of the purported 9/11 skyjackers.

Two of the alleged terrorists had multi-entry United States visas, and were observed at a "high level Al Qaeda meeting" in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

An FBI official assigned to the CIA/CTC wrote the memo to inform his agency to look out for the terrorists, who later easily entered the US with valid visas. Believing that his memo was sent over to FBI, the FBI official was unaware that CIA supervisors had held the memo and never sent it to FBI.

Was this protection of known terrorists, and hiding them from FBI tantamount to treason ("aiding the enemy")?

That's a question we should not expect answered by the CIA, nor the FBI, nor the Congress apparently.

9/11 Blame Game: CIA Falls on Its Sword Again

Kurt Nimmo hits another one out of the park.

Kurt may have to stop writing if he doesn't make a little money, so please consider donating at his site.

If 3,000 people had not died on September 11, 2001, a report released by the CIA’s inspector general would be laughable. “A CIA report released Tuesday blames the top leadership of the agency for major lapses in fighting al-Qaida and outlines how intelligence officials missed numerous opportunities to thwart two hijackers prior to the Sept. 11 attacks,” reports NBC. “The 19-page executive summary, written by the CIA’s inspector general, finds extensive fault with the actions of former director George Tenet and other CIA leaders.”

And what, pray tell, are these “major lapses” in “fighting al-Qaida,” the mostly smoke and mirrors terrorist organization named after a mujahideen database?

Tenet’s C.I.A. Unprepared for Qaeda Threat, Report Says

The New York Times has the whitewash story.

WASHINGTON, Aug. 21 — The former head of the Central Intelligence Agency, George Tenet, recognized the danger posed by Al Qaeda well before the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, but failed to adequately prepare the C.I.A. to meet the threat, according to an internal agency report that was released in summary form today.

Mr. Tenet was sometimes too occupied with tactics instead of strategy, and he was lax in promoting an information-sharing environment within the C.I.A., the agency’s Inspector General’s office says in a report released today.

An inspector general’s team that reviewed the agency’s performance found that C.I.A. officers “from the top down” worked hard against Al Qaeda and its leader, Osama bin Laden, before the 9/11 attacks.

“They did not always work effectively and cooperatively, however,” the team concluded, in what amounted in part to sharp criticism of Mr. Tenet’s management skills and style.

Corporate Politico's and the "Revolving Door"

Below I have compiled a list of powerful politicians and other governmental personnel, from both past and present, as well as their connections to the corporate world. In case anyone was wondering why our leaders are not doing anything, it may having something to do with that fact that it is in their best interest not to. It is pretty scary when you realize how deeply intertwined the American government is with Corporate America.

John M. Deutch: C.I.A. Director 1995-1996 -- Board of Directors of Citigroup(Banking Firm) Raytheon (Military Contractor)

Robert M. Gates: National Security Council,C.I.A. Director 1988-1992 Secretary of Defense 2006 -- Board of Trustees of Fidelity Investment(Banking Firm) On Board of Directors of SAIC (military contractor)

Dick Cheney: White House Chief of Staff 1975-1977, Secretary of Defense 1989-1993, Vice President 2000 -- Served as CEO and Chairman of the Board at Halliburton(Military Contractor) Board of Directors Procter & Gamble(Multinational Consumer Goods Manufacturer), Union Pacific (Largest Railroad company in America), Electronic Data Systems (Computer technologies).

9/11 suspect says CIA tortured him


9/11 suspect says CIA tortured him

By Josh White and Julie Tate

Washington Post

Khalid Sheik Mohammed, the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, was subjected to the CIA's harshest interrogation methods while he was held in secret prisons around the world for more than three years, part of an interrogation regimen that the International Committee of the Red Cross has called "tantamount to torture," according to an article published on the New Yorker magazine's Web site yesterday.
In a 12-page article released Saturday, reporter Jane Mayer analyzes the development of the CIA's secret interrogation techniques and writes that a confidential Red Cross report to the U.S. government details Mohammed's assertions that he was tortured by the CIA. - please check it out

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Undercover CIA bloggers

I wonder how many undercover CIA agents work on blogging sites involving 9/11 truth?

Former CIA, Now NYPD, Says Al Qaeda Attack Due "Any Given Day"

According to the NY Daily News,

"The NYPD's intelligence chief says Osama Bin Laden's henchmen have stepped up recruitment over the past six months - turning a desolate area of northern Pakistan into a training ground for a new generation of terrorists.

"They want to come here, and whatever their capabilities, they absolutely are focused on returning to New York City," NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence David Cohen told the Daily News.

Cohen said he was well aware of the threat before a new report prepared for the White House became public last week."

Cohen should know: He used to serve as the CIA's Directorate of Operations, from 1995 to 1997, and spent 35 years in the CIA. This description is from Democracy Now: