San Diego CityBeat alt. newsweekly features tepid 9/11 truth editorial

San Diego CityBeat newsweekly this week ran an editorial on the editor's encounter w/ a 9/11 Truth activist. I personally felt the thing to be painfully self-conscious; he was more worried about the image or political consequences of considering the evidence of 9/11, than bringing up many of the glaring holes in the official conspiracy theory. But at least, he was relatively opened minded about it. Perhaps with some more emails he can get past the introduction of Griffin's book.
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"Truths and conspiracies"
by David Rolland

Peter Holmes had given up on waiting for me to return from a delicious chicken taco lunch last Wednesday and was walking down the hall when I got back. He'd been waiting in CityBeat's office lobby for the better part of an hour. I was about 20 strides from him when he asked, "Are you David Rolland?" When strung together like that, those have become four of the scariest words in the English language. And I've become so terrified of unannounced visitors that I probably formed my answer more like a question than a firm declaration: "Yes?"