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9/11 Free Fall 8/22/13: Dave Slesinger on Nonviolent Resistance

“Nonviolent resistance (or nonviolent action) is the practice of achieving goals through symbolic protests, civil disobedience, economic or political noncooperation, satyagraha, and other methods, without using violence.”

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Long time activist Dave Slesinger talks about the goals, effectiveness, and history of nonviolent resistance, particularly in the tradition of Mohandas Gandhi, as a mini seminar for 9/11 Truth activists.

Occupy Oakland Police Following Brutal Raid: 'Just Following Orders'

Abby Martin of Media Roots went out to cover the immediate aftermath of the brutal police raid of Occupy Oakland at 6:20 am on October 25, 2011.

500+ Oakland PD used tear gas, rubber bullets and completely leveled two encampments of peaceful protestors practicing civil disobedience. 90+ protestors were then arrested.

Contact the Mayor Jean Quan here:


On 2/26/2011, 10 Downing Street at 12PM, Gareth is going to commit an act of civil disobedience for 9/11 Justice. If you are in the area, please go support him. Thanks.

Civil Disobedience for 9/11 Justice at Downing Street - 26/2/11


On Saturday 26th February, 2011, a group of individuals will perform civil disobedience outside the official residence of the British Prime Minister David Cameron at Downing Street, London.

We are demanding an end to the social, political and cultural injustices of the post-9/11 world. We are calling for justice for those who lost their lives on 9/11. Justice for the families and friends who continue to see their loved ones names used to justify so many atrocities. Justice for the victims of torture and rendition. Justice for those from muslim and non-white communities who have been subject to discrimination. Justice for the victims of the 9/11 wars.

If you want to join us, please do.

More information about this action such as where to meet, what to bring, what to expect etc can be found via this Facebook Event

Civil Disobedience at Downing Street for 9/11 Justice: An Interview with Gareth

Source: 9/11 Truth News
Category: ACTION

Gareth reports:

On Monday 31st January 2011, in solidarity with Jon Gold's action outside the White House, I took a ‘911 Truth’ sign to Downing Street – the British Prime Minister lives at No. 10 – and sat down outside the gates. Within seconds I was approached by a policeman carrying a machine gun who demanded I immediately move, a request with which I respectfully declined to comply with. After ten minutes I was approached by two Ministry of Defence policemen who issued the same request. We talked a little about 9/11. Moments later a police van pulled up and four police officers got out – I was also surprised to see a further four Ministry of Defence policeman approaching to see what was going on. After explaining that I was respectfully going to decline all further requests to move on I found myself being dragged from where I was sitting, put into the police van, and driven away to Charing Cross Police Station.

I was released later the next evening having been detained for 30 hours. I’m glad I took a good book!

Not On The Fence For 9/11 Justice

Author: Jon Gold
Source: 9/11 Truth News
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On December 16, 2010, I would estimate about 200 veterans committed an act of civil disobedience in front of the White House. Several chained themselves to the fence in one form or another. This act inspired me. As a result, I decided to commit a similar act of civil disobedience.

Today, I did exactly that. I went to the White House to chain (handcuff) myself to the White House fence in an act of civil disobedience specifically for 9/11 Justice. Something that has been denied to the families that lost someone that day, and to the people of the world.

Civil Disobedience at the White House for 9/11 Justice: An Interview with Jon Gold

Author: Cosmos
Source: 9/11 Truth News
Category: ACTION

9/11 Justice activist and researcher Jon Gold has announced his intention to chain himself to the White House fence this coming Monday, January 31. 9/11 Truth News asked Gold a few questions to find out more about the upcoming action.

9/11 Truth News: Why are you going to chain yourself to the White House?

Jon Gold: To try and bring attention to the fact that we were lied to about 9/11 and that there needs to be justice and accountability for what happened. That there are family members still seeking justice for what happened and that the people of the world deserve it. When you take into account what that day has been used for - and then think about the fact that we don't exactly know what happened that day - that is an unacceptable situation. People are dying. If that day wasn't what we were led to believe - and it wasn't - then the people of the world need to know about it.

Civil Disobedience For 9/11 Justice At The White House - 1/31/2011C

On Monday, January 31st, 2011, I am planning on going to the White House to chain myself to the fence. The purpose of this is solely for 9/11 Justice. 9/11, the event that created the "Post-9/11 World." 9/11, the event that our politicians use day in and day out to justify horrible atrocities inside of this country, and especially in the Middle East.

I am not going to put pressure on the White House for a new investigation. I do not want Washington D.C. to investigate the attacks. It simply cannot be trusted to do so, as was proven with the Joint Congressional Inquiry, the PENTTBOM investigation, NIST's investigation, and especially the 9/11 Commission.

I am going for the families still seeking the justice they have been denied for what happened to their loved ones. I am going for the families that have to watch the names of their loved ones used for the horrible atrocities taking place. I am going because it is the right thing to do.

Living Civil Disobedience- WOW

9/11 ‘Truther’ clashes with North Caldwell mayor, council

NORTH CALDWELL – Tensions rose at Tuesday, Feb. 9, Borough Council meeting when resident, Don Meserlian, described his recent legal troubles with the police department.

Since September 2008, Meserlian has pressed the police and council to pass along “evidence” of treason surrounding the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

Meserlian was found guilty last Thursday in Fairfield Municipal court of making threatening statements to North Caldwell Police Capt. Mark Deuer . The court suspended the usual fine, but ordered Meserlian to pay $39 in court fees.

He has repeatedly accused the North Caldwell Council with “obstructing the administration of justice,” and refuses to pay his property taxes in protest which he has said he has placed in escrow.




Civil disobedience by "The Yes Men"

This is an interesting press release on how "The Yes Men" bring attention to their causes, and shame the authorities. Any lessons for 9/11 Truth here?

Mike Zimmer


September 24, 2009

“Balls Across America” direct-action campaign launched NYPD abuse of authority big factor in arrest

Contact: The Yes Men

Andy Bichlbaum, co-founder of activist group the Yes Men, emerged after 26 hours in New York City’s central lockup with all charges against him dismissed.[1]

“The judge just laughed,” said Bichlbaum. “The police had a less well-developed sense of humor - and, it turned out, much less regard for the law. But all in all, I’m ecstatic that they arrested me.”

Ron Paul: physical opposition to government may become necessary

Ron Paul: physical opposition to government may become necessary

By Peter Duveen

PETER'S NEW YORK, August 20, 2008--In a radio interview today, U.S. congressman Ron Paul said it may become necessary for citizens to resort to physical opposition if the government continues to erode civil liberties and commit international acts of aggression.

Asked by radio show host Alex Jones if he believed in the use of violence or other physical action to oppose an unjust government, Paul, a one-time presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party and a contender for the Republican presidential nomination until he dropped out of the race earlier this year, answered in the affirmative.

"Well, there's always that possibility that that time will come." he said. "I believe in that."

Paul then cited Mahatma Gandhi, the Indian spiritual leader who led nonviolent demonstrations to promote the independence of India from Great Britain, and Martin Luther King, who used the same nonviolent techniques on behalf of the American civil rights movement in the 1960s, as examples of physical protest.

Civil Disobedience Act Blocking Congress Vehicle Exit With 9/11 Truther Getting Arrested

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
Here's what we need to do more of after 6 years of lies and deceit.

Take Care Matt

A Valentine's Day Civil Disobedience Display For Bill Clinton In Milwaukee, WI

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I just attended a political rally for Hillary Clinton with Bill Clinton as the speaker in Milwaukee, WI at the Italian Community Center. I got about 20 feet away from Bill when I pulled out my Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth sign I had wrapped around my upper body under my sweatshirt. I interrupted Bill's speech (peaceful civil disobedience is in order when it comes to 9/11 Truth) and yelled at Bill that 9/11 Truth is here, and we are not going away. I said this because of Bill's response to another 9/11 Truther who used peaceful civil disobedience at a previous political rally. Bill told that 9/11 Truth to go away at the end of his BS response. I then proceeded to leave the hall without giving Bill a chance to respond to me because I didn't want to hear his "19 terrorist did it" line of bull. As I was leaving I was entertained with a chorus of Hillary! Hillary! Hillary! from the crowd. I had my video camera with me but I messed up and I didn't record the beginning. I only caught the ending chorus as I was leaving. There were many newscamera people there so I'm sure they caught my act.