Civil Informationing

My 1/4 Page Bridge to the Peace Community...

Today I travel across Puget Sound to once again hold my banner at a Seattle Peace march and rally. One side of the banner states: 9/11 Truth for World Peace and on the other states: PAPER BALLOTS...PUBLIC FUNDS...NEW VOTING HOLIDAY. My 3' X 5' banner and contraption holds high posted attachments on both ends that state: STOP the 9/11 WARS...9/11 was the FIRST LIE INTO WAR...MEDICARE not WARFARE and SKATEBOARD don't WATERBOARD. Additionally I hand out 1/4 page flyers that are shown below:

The only difference between me and the paece marchers is that I stand in one spot and let them march past me. Marching from nowhere to nowhere in front of nobody makes cointelpro very, very happy as they and the Mockingbird Media have this deal about covering protests anyway.

The text below is reduced to 1/4 page size, aligned as such with four to a page, with the different statements on opposite sides, copied onto bright yellow paper and then cut into the 1/4 page mini-flyers. I go through thousands per year...and I change some of the information as events change and as we get newer and better information.


During this holiday season I've found many opportunities to do civil informationing. At one party I actually met a guy who works for NIST ( not in a division of structural engineering ) who had never even heard of WTC 7. When I gave him the basics ( 5:20 pm 9/11/01, 47 floors, over 500 ft. tall, symmetrical collapse exactly like a known controlled demolition, 5.6 seconds: about the time it would take for a bowling ball to hit the ground if dropped off the top of the building,) he looked at me like I was nuts.
Then I told him that the major barrier to understanding this is not intellectual, it is EMOTIONAL,
I could see his wheels churning, so I changed the subject (it being a holiday party and all,) but on some level this guy is now inoculated with information that could change his life.

When doing civil informationing, a PROMPT of sorts could help us. "9/11 Truth Now" on a black T-shirt immediately brands us to many as conspiracy nuts due to major media disinformation. A flanking approach might be more effective:
I propose:


9/11 Truth Civil Informationing, Sept. 7th, 2008

Sunday, Sept. 7th in Maple Ridge, B.C. (Canada)

Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth gathered in Maple Ridge again this day at our usual spot at 224th and Dewdney for more 9/11 Truth Civil Informationing with 7 members on hand.

The response was overwhelmingly positive with many, many honks and thumbs up.

While there, we were spontaneously approached by 3 members of the alternative media.