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I have revamped my 9/11 Truth Coalition forum on Yahoo, which up to now I have been treating with neglect, i.e. more or less as a public bulletin board. From now on I will moderate strictly, and allow only substantive, focussed, rational and civil contributions. Everyone is welcome to join the group, and no subjects are taboo, but, as I say, I will moderate the posts. The topic I am trying to focus on at the moment is "Molten metal at GZ: Is the evidence for it conclusive?"

Has Transpartisan Alliance been infiltrated?

911 Blogger posted an invitation to the new Transpartisan Alliance Citizens' Summit meeting in Denver this February. While I and others expressed concerns about the participation of Grover Norquist, it seems the conference generated a good bit of enthusiasm among other truthers.

Well, since then, I've bumped into the below morsel of information that adds a bit more substance to my skepticism.

While leafing through last month's Foreign Affairs magazine published by the Council on Foreign Relations, I noted a section where it had asked various political figures to put together their ideal "Dream Teams" for the next administration. Norquist was one of those asked, and on his list he named Dov Zakheim as his "Dream Team" choice for National Security Advisor. Now, that is a very interesting choice., com, net & info Up for Renewal June 12

just got the renewal notice- I've been sitting on these domain names and haven't organized a coalition; i'd be happy to donate 1 or all of these over to a person or group with a track record of integrity in truth activism that wants to build a transparent and accountable coalition around the idea of 9/11 Truth and Justice- i think it would be great if the many diverse nodes of the 9/11 Truth Movement could lend our collective support to certain issues/ideas/actions that we can all agree on, and also build bridges with other progressive/constitutional-true conservative orgs- for instance,, and progressive democrats of america have promoted 9/11 Press for Truth, and 81% think the Bush Administration is "mostly lying" or "hiding something". 51% support investigating the Bush Administration for 9/11. was instrumental in killing the anti-net neutrality bill in 2006.

Dear Erik Larson,

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Putting 9/11 Truth in broad political context, from a conservative Republican's perspective

The 9/11 Truth Movement is a novel creature. Born by inevitable reactive consequence from back-room treason, which was itself nurtured by our own longstanding political complacency, which again in turn masked an underlying sense of helplessness, which yet again in turn was, I believe, scientifically inculcated within us over decades by practitioners of Bernays' cynical manipulativeness (and which can be traced back still further, by the serious historian), it is at once both a grim and desperate challenge as well as a unique opportunity to radically alter our country's destiny. More about that later. For now, let's look at where we've gotten so far.

The story of the 9/11 Truth Movement thus far (March 2007, as I write this) is largely, though not entirely, a story taking place on the left side of the political divide. So let's look there first.