Unanswered questions: Personality and individual differences predictors, 9/11 beliefs

Mr Swami has very kindly sent me the proofs for the article. Since it remains unpublished I will not upload the article and provide a link. What I have done here is an edited list of the 17 statements and the mean rating (in brackets) presented to participants entitled "9/11 Conspiracists Beliefs" scale

(The collapse of WTC7 was not included in the scale):

1 = Totally False
9 = Totally True

The World Trade Centre was destroyed by explosives (2.81)

The World Trade Centre were brought down by controlled demolition (2.90)

Aircraft were controlled by the US military (2.93)

Mobile phone calls were fabricated or not made at all (3.27)

Exercises were intentionally held on 9/11 to deliberately confuse military personnel (3.29)

The US military were ordered to stand down (3.44)

The Pentagon was possibly hit by a missile (3.50)

Intact windows and lack of debris prove the Pentagon was not hit by a plane (3.51)

Reports of hijacker still alive prove that others were responsible (3.51)

The US Govt allowed the attack to happen so it would have an excuse to achieve foreign and domestic goals (3.71)

United Flight 93 was shot down (3.76)