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NIST Video - Overturned Cars, Post-Collapse

So, looking through the newly-released NIST videos and I was struck by multiple videos shot by people at the scene of the Twin Tower collapses. What you see in these edited (by me) videos is a number of cars and trucks overturned (or completely flipped), presumably by the collapse. Now, I realize the "common sense test" is not the most stringent or scientific, but does it make sense to you that a gravitational collapse could/would generate enough force to literally flip cars? The videos in question were shot before any heavy equipment like cranes and/or construction trucks arrived; as you can see in the first clip, the second tower hasn't even come down. Explosive force, no?

Clips used: CBS-Net Dub3 25, WNBC Dub3_65, WNBC Dub10 80, and WNBC Dub10 90.