German ZDF docu arouse my suspicion- new explanation for the WTC collapse in the making

Quick overview:

I think there are hints for growing suspicion that a new explanation for the WTC collapse is in the making, missing fire protection.

Please read the whole post to make your own opinion about that:


The german channel ZDF (Second German Television, a state backed media) will send a documentary that journalists Michael Renz made together with that BBC hitpiece producer Guy Smith back in february on the sixth anniversary next tuesday, 9/11, 20:15-21:00 Central European Time.

Here's a translation of the announcement, translated by loosechange forum member Front242:


130 Liberty Street, the building that didn't collapse

It's interesting to note that the 41-story building at 130 Liberty Street, known as the "old Deutsche Bank building" did not collapse even though debris from the falling WTC Tower 2 tore a 15-story gash in the building's northern side. Its cleanup and demolition was postponed for four years by lawsuits over who would pay for it, concerns that the dismantling would pollute the neighborhood with toxic dust and asbestos. The size is similar to WTC7 and it sounds like it sustained more damage than WTC7, but strangely, it did not fall down. Instead, it is being demolished, or dismantled, floor-by-floor in an extremely expensive and time consuming process. I wonder if it would have fell down if it had been owned by Silverstein.


This video shows you not squibs but actual blasting charges possibly going off and
rare shots of the making of the WTC "SPIRE".

All the video has been stabilized by me for clarity. The sound has been enhanced and syncronized.

A must see.


911 Sleight of Hand Demoltion charges REVEALED pt#2

This video reveals yet more charges going off.

Sleight of hand. To support the theory of controlled demolitons at the WTC with out it being to obvious, the best thing to do would to seperate the demo sequences.

While everybody is watching the obvious, look at whats hidden in plain site.

Watch and share full screen at

I had to use webfive coz' youtube is poor quality.

World Trade Center Collapse Video REVEALS Demolition Sequence.

This video is not new, it actually has been used with fake explosion sounds to prove demolitions at the wtc.

This video is the original with no sound edits, it is stabilized, zoomed, 1/4 speed to reveal a demolition sequence 40 floors below going off diagonally reaching the service floor.

Not a conspiracy or fact?

Apparently new 8-9 seconds of WTC 7 collapse footage surfaces

This footage seems to have first appeared thanks to SF Truth activism, as blogged about @

The key (and apparently unknown heretofore to truthers, from what I can tell) footage occurs beginning at approximately 0:59, where we see the intact east penthouse collapsing from a new and closer angle than I've ever seen before. This footage will be VERY important to get in as high quality as possible in order to examine it for squibs, ascending wavefronts on the NW corner of the building prior to global collapse, etc.

Simulation shows effect of insulation in collapse of buildings on 9/11

Looks like the Purdue University computer simulation story has made it to USA Today. Time to post in the comments section!


Simulation shows effect of insulation in collapse of buildings on 9/11

A new computer simulation supports the argument that the impact of the airplanes sheared off the insulation and weakened the structure of the World Trade Center before the Twin Towers collapsed on Sept. 11, 2001, according to the Associated Press.

"The report concludes that the weight of the aircraft's fuel, when ignited, produced 'a flash flood of flaming liquid' that knocked out a number of structural columns within the building and removed the fireproofing insulation from other support structures," Christoph Hoffmann tells the wire service.

Hoffman tells the AP that this was the first time 3-D animation was used to simulate the impact and the aftermath of the attacks. He says it shows insulation is a key part of fireproofing.

You can watch a simulation on YouTube.

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Structural collapse vs. controlled demolition

Short comparison of structural collapse and controlled demolition of a building.

Structural collapse

This building in India collapsed because of structural failure. See also video. Read more at Gujarat News report.

These buildings collapsed because of earthquake.

Computer Visualisation of WTC Collapses

Since NIST is refusing to release computer visualisations of the collapse of the Twin Towers, why not do our own?

Are there any structural/civil engineers out there, with access to finite element analysis modeling software, who can build simplified models of WTC1, WTC2 and WTC7?

This would constitute a solid project for a civil engineer undergrad/graduate for any academics out there.

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9/11 Cover-Up Unraveling Now!

This has the potential to blow everything out into the open.

 Before you try and debunk this... make sure you realize that the collapsed building she's talking about... is STANDING.  Behind her head.

Looks like I was wrong about the BBC / WTC 7 video

Tuesday, February 27, 2007:

BBC World News started reporting that WTC 7 had collapsed about 23 minutes before the building actually came down, as video of news coverage on September 11th shows. The segment establishing this is available on the news service and was discovered by veritas911, a member of

(The 1-gigabyte video of BBC World News coverage on Sept. 11th starts at 4:54pm EDT and is available at

Speaking from London on the afternoon of September 11th, BBC World News anchorman Philip Hayton asks reporter Jane Stanley in New York about the collapse of the "47-story Salomon Brothers Building," also known as WTC 7. Although the building is still standing and clearly visible through the window behind Stanley, its collapse is repeatedly described as a past event. Hayton asks Stanley if there were any casualties in the building, and advances an explanation for its collapse already provided by officials, that it was weakened structurally by the prior collapses of the Twin Towers.

After the Collapse of the New World Order

Fellow 9/11 Truthers: Everyone talks about having open minds a lot, so I want to use this medium to post a link which I trust will be of interest to you.. Check out this 40 minute lecture by Economics Professor Hans Hermann Hoppe, entitled: 'A World Without Theft'

If you find that useful, I suggest you hop on over to and listen to podcast 1 and don't stop!

The big question at this point is, "What happens when the New World Order collapses?" This is the framework for that alternative paradigm. Follow the rabbit hole.

My experience asking Dan Rather about his coverage of the collapse of WTC 7

Last night, Tuesday, February 13, 2007, at 7:30 p.m. central time, Dan Rather spoke at the University of Texas-Pan American Fine Arts Auditorium in Edinburg, TX. His presentation covered mostly his recent trip to Afghanistan and his view that a bloody conflict was soon to erupt there. He also gave the audience a glimpse into his evolution as a journalist over the last three decades or so. But he never mentioned anything about 9/11.

As far as I know, I was the only 9/11 Truth activist at the presentation. My father was with me, but my friends and fellow activists Leo K and Ron Avery were unable to attend, so basically I was on my own as far as 911 Truth was concerned and I was admittedly a little intimidated by this fact.

How the building collapsed??

By now we all know that the buildings collapsed because of explosives. The question we have to ask is how they managed to place all the explosives
without someone notice?
It probably took place a lot of work during the power-out.

I'm no expert on this and I don't know if this has been talked about before. I was looking at this movie:

And in a interview about 36 minutes in to it they say this:

"One of the towers had a major elevator that went all the way up to the top
that was malfunctioning, and had been malfunktioning for at least a month.
They have been having a lot of trouble with that"

If the elevator that went all the way to the top was not used for a mounth, it gave them alot of time to place explosives to the core !!??

I really hope that someone look into this!!

/ from a worried swedish citizen

WTC Collapse Examined By Live Video - See For yourself!

This video straight up defies what the "official" 9/11 commision report says about the 47 Steel beams in the center of the towers not even being there... Notice a few of them still standing after the rest of the building fell?

Get this video and more at