Campus Newspaper's article "9/11 Truth Movement Continues to Grow"

I am an older college student. The Texas A & M - Commerce campus newspaper, "The East Texan", asked me late one night if I could submit an article as a guest columnist. The article was due the next day. I pounded the keys till past midnight, giving the article to the Editor who was still at her post.

The paper printed the hard copy on September 25th, 2008 with the article in the middle of page 2. The online edition is now available. "9/11 truth movement continues to grow" Here it is:

Anyone can place a comment. I welcome comments. It will give the article a long life. (Please do NOT start into esoteric stuff about the NWO or subjects that are way beyond the public's common understanding. Just simple, easy to grasp statements are best.)

[This may rub Robert Gates the wrong way. Gates is the current Secretary of Defense. After leaving the CIA (26 years), Gates became president of Texas A&M University.

An Aside:

Com 8- 14 Points- 25 People- 5 Minutes

Fourteen Points of Agreement with Official Government Reports on the World Trade Center Destruction

In one of my Communications classes, today we gave 5 minute speeches on a “memorable experience”. I used the occasion to talk about last Friday, April 18, 2008 when the Fourteen Points paper was posted on It went something like this:

“Do you still think that jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center?”

Last Friday, I was thinking that today I would be talking to ya’ll about the first time I saw Loose Change, the online DVD that quote is from, which a lot of you have probably heard of. However, last Friday night something happened, that, imho, is just as memorable and is more immediately significant.

STANDING UP for 911 TRUTH in the Classroom again

Here is a neat little story about 9/11 Truth which happened TODAY, 1/17/08.

Today at college, I was in a packed classroom auditorium, shoulder-to-shoulder with about 60 other students. The Professor was going down the roll list asking people to introduce themselves and briefly tell a little about themselves.

9/11 Truth UAlbany present Improbable Collapse with special guest Mike Berger.

Please join us this Monday on the SUNY Albany Campus for a presentation of Improbable Collapse, with Special Guest Mike Berger.
Photos from our Rally on 4/11 are here.

9/11 Truth UAlbany - Rally/Press Conference - Join Us!

If you are in the Albany area this Wednesday please join us on the SUNY Albany Campus for an afternoon of 9/11 Truth events. If anyone can come to our meeting tonight (SUNY Albany CC 367 at 7pm) we will need help labeling and packing DVDs
Our goal is to pass out 1000 copies of 9/11 Press For Truth to the students of SUNY Albany.
Don't forget to put signs in your windows and on your lawns!

Every Eleventh - Every Month!
C'mon Truthers, Let's wake this sleeping nation!

9/11 Truth UAlbany and over 1000 Others march against the war in Albany, NY

Using a bullhorn, Michael Metzger of 911 Truth UAlbany leads the chants of anti-war protesters. (Lori Van Buren / Times Union)

On the war's anniversary, a call for troops to return - Times Union article
Peace rally marks war anniversary - The Record article

More photos from the rally and march can be found here.

9/11 Truth SUNY Albany

Thanks to everyone who came out to our General Interest Meeting, there were nearly 100 people in attendance
We'd also like to thank Dylan, Jason, and the Loose Change crew for generously donating free DVD's and stickers to everyone who came out.
If you missed out, you can watch the event here:

For those of you who haven't heard yet, 9/11 Truth SUNY Albany is the first 9/11 Truth college group to become officially recognized, and funded by a State University. We are looking for other college students with 9/11 Truth groups on their campuses as well, so get in touch with us! Be sure to check out our Events page for more upcoming events.

9/11 Truth UAlbany

9/11 Truth UAlbany is starting the new year/semester off with a bang! The website is up and running -, we have new sweatshop free, 100%, made in the USA t-shirts, we are publishing our first student newsletter - "The American Recusant", and we already have several events lined up for the semester. This weekend, we will be giving a presentation at the 1st Annual Social Action Conference on the SUNY Albany Campus. We will be joined by Iraq Veterans Against the War, Guilderland Neighbors For Peace, Students for a Democratic Society, and many more. Howie Hawkins will be one of several guest speakers. For a complete lineup of organizations, and guest speakers, just visit our website. Next Tuesday will be our first General Interest Meeting, and we will be joined by the creators of Loose Change. If you are in the upstate NY area, please come out and show your support.

This is just the beginning of a new year for 9/11 Truth UAlbany, keep checking our website, as we are continuing to add new events by the day!