Official Government Announcment; US Government Seal Has Changed LOL

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I hope this blog makes it on the board. We need a little humor in this crazy world we live in so we can keep from going insane. Check out the file attachments!
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911 Meditation from

911 Meditation from
where wings take dream

Happy Halloween

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Thought this was the pretty halloween gift for the truthers!


First I've seen of this comic, but it's been online for a while... DIES IRAE.

"9/11 Graphic Novel - The Real Version" -- Part One of a truly hilarious series kicked off

"Recently, Oceania's Ministry of Truth produced The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation - a propaganda comic book reiterating the official story for kids, the illiterate, and the incredibly bored. I noticed there were some parts of the novel that perhaps weren't entirely accurate, so here I present the first part of a 9/11 Graphic Novel Redux."


Hilarious 9/11 Truth Cartoon


This is truly hilarious! Excellent way to expose lots of the many little lies that surround the Big One. I'm really looking forward to the second (and later) parts. :-)

P.S.: Who is going to translate that into Spanish, French, German, Arab, Chinese,...?

P.S.S.: Be prepared for this thing to draw a lot of heat by the "opposition". Spread it around. Link to it. Mirror it. Back it up. Support it. Digg it (hmm... how does that work at all?)


Update 1: Let me try if this works: Digg this!

Update 2: Looks like the site went down. Let's see if it comes back up soon...