Conflict of Interest?

Rudy Guiliani : In Business with Saudi Arabia


...My former colleague Michael Weisskopf and I collaborated on a number of projects over the years. One was our piece on Rudy's business interests, which focused on a successful relationship between Giuliani and a Florida company called Seisint that sold a very expensive piece of datamining software to state, local and federal officials, with Giuliani's help. There were questions about the legality of Giuliani's commissions, and the product turned out to be controversial: it raised civil liberties concerns because it gathered huge amounts of personal data…

Research: James Schlesinger, Bob Kerrey and Dov Zakheim and "Landmark Aviation Airport Services"

Landmark Aviation plans on divesting its FBO (fixed base operation) "Landmark Aviation Airport Services" and upon consultation with Merrill Lynch has placed the "Airport Services" division in a management trust operated and overseen by trustee's James Schlesinger, the former Secretary of Defense, Energy and CIA Director; former Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska (9/11 Commission); and Dov Zakheim, the former Pentagon comptroller.

(Background: Landmark Aviation was recently sold by the Carlyle Group to (DAE) Dubai Aerospace Enterprise Ltd.) Landmark Aviation and its "Airport Services" have also been suspected of running rendition flights out of Dulles Airport. (Links Below)


"DAE has placed Airport Services in a management trust. The FBO division is separated from the rest of DAE, and has its own infrastructure and support network. The trustees were selected in consultation with Merrill Lynch and include: James Schlesinger, the former Secretary of Defense; former Sen. Bob Kerrey of Nebraska; and Dov Zakheim, the former Pentagon comptroller."