Conflicts of Interest

Can Truth Retain Its Independence? By Paul Craig Roberts

Can Truth Retain Its Independence?

By Paul Craig Roberts

30/05/08 "ICH' -- - Justin Raimondo has a good column this morning on It is written as a fundraiser. But what it shows is that journalists (and whistle-blowers) who tell the truth in America are more likely to be pummeled than rewarded, whereas those who lie for powerful interest groups live high on the hog.

It wasn’t just Bush, Cheney, and the neoconservatives who deceived us into an illegal war in behalf of a hidden agenda. It was the American media. Raimondo names some of the culprits who are complicit in the deaths of some one million Iraqis, an unknown number of Afghans, and thousands of American soldiers.

It was all for a lie. A lie told by the President of the United States and his handmaidens in the media.

Of COURSE the Fox Should Investigate the Chicken Coup Incident

9/11 Commissioner and former Secretary of the Navy John Lehman previously admitted that the Commission purposely put together a staff in which every single staff member had a conflict of interest. He rationalized this by saying that the Commission wanted senior people in the government agencies relevant to 9/11, since they would know what was important and what wasn't.