Republican Congressional Candidate to Discuss 9/11 Truth Today on GCN Network 4
First hour: Dave Redick:
Second hour: Anna Baltzer:

Dave Redick is a real conservative, not a neocon. He's a Republican challenger to Democratic incumbent Tammy Baldwin in Wisconsin's Second Congressional District--the district right next door to my own Third District, where I intend to challenge Democratic incumbent Ron Kind.

Dave is (to put it conservatively) open-minded on 9/11 truth. He's strongly opposed to the neocon takeover of the Republican Party, and espouses such traditional American values as freedom, small government, and fiscal sanity. Currently he's concerned that the neocons may orchestrate war with Iran in a desperate attempt to sway the 2008 elections.

Someone to Watch Over Them

Congress now requires "peer review' of Corps of Engineers decisions,
but it does not require the Corps to heed the reviews" or the reviewers.

By David Winkler-Schmit

'They (the Corps) do have to do peer review under the law," says Garrett Graves, director of the Governor's Office of Coastal Affairs. "But there's nothing under the current plan that would prohibit them from doing a peer review, having the peer review come back and find major flaws, and the Corps simply ignoring [the review's findings]. There's no binding attribution to the peer review."

Full Story: (click here)

It has been suggested that Boehlert's task force might conclude that ASCE should no longer probe national disasters. The society also looked into the 9/11 collapse of the World Trade Center. If Boehlert's task force reaches that conclusion, it gives rise to other questions: Who should review the work of investigators? And, of more local significance, will the Corps ever be made to listen?

Why Don't the Democrats ask Mukasey Some REAL Questions?

Its headline news that top Democrats are asking Attorney General Mukasey to explain his comments about a pre-9/11 phone call from a terrorist to the United States.

Why doesn't Congress ask Mukasey some real questions. For example:

Ricin Man 3

By Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

On Thursday March 13th authorities announced that an Officer involved in the investigation of the Las Vegas Ricin incident tested positive for small amounts of Ricinine or Ricidine found in his system. Ricinine is an alkaloid (3-cyano-4-methoxy-N-methyl-2-pyridone) that shares a common plant source with Ricin, and its presence in the system infers Ricin exposure. However, the alkaloid substance is extracted from the seeds of the castor plant and does not derive directly from Ricin.

KTNV News in Nevada reportedly identified the Officer as Jim Mitchell and he is said to have no symptoms of Ricin poisoning. The Officer was one that arrived on the scene to search a Las Vegas hotel room on Feb. 26th - weeks after it’s occupant - who is believed to be suffering from Ricin exposure, called 911 on Valentines Day. Bergendorff had been transported to a local hospital for respiratory distress. He was reported to have fallen into a coma after arrival and remained so for many weeks although family members have reported differently and have said Bergendorff was merely heavily sedated.

Crucial Week for Impeachment

February 15, 2008

Crucial Week for Impeachment

By David Swanson

Something very important happened in Congress on Thursday. After 7 years of cowering in fear of every dictatorial demand from Bush and Cheney, House Democrats finally rose up and said NO.

First, House Democrats refused to give immunity to the telecom giants for illegally wiretapping the calls and emails of every American - despite two Bush press conference hissyfits and endless Corporate Media lies.

Second, House Democrats declared Harriet Miers and Josh Bolten to be in contempt of Congress for rejecting subpoenas to testify about the U.S. Attorney scandal, despite an faux-angry walkout by Republicans. Watch Rep. Robert Wexler's excellent floor speech:

Could this be the start of holding George Bush and Dick Cheney accountable for their innumerable High Crimes?

The main problem we face is time. Since this is an election year, Congress will stop legislating and start campaigning full-time in May. Since impeachment hearings take time, those hearings must begin now.

Ex-C.I.A. Aide Won’t Testify on Tapes Without Immunity


Ex-C.I.A. Aide Won’t Testify on Tapes Without Immunity


WASHINGTON — A lawyer for Jose A. Rodriguez Jr., the former Central Intelligence Agency official who in 2005 ordered the destruction of videotapes of harsh interrogations of prisoners at a secret site overseas, has told Congress that Mr. Rodriguez will not testify about the tapes without a grant of immunity, a person familiar with the discussions said Wednesday.

Truthers Running for Congress

Catch the Terrorists!
Ensure truth seekers are running for office in your state.

The current Congresspeople are no better then Hitler's enablers. They are not merely 'incompetent', they are complicit in the murder of 1 million plus Iraqis and 3000+ US soldiers, complicit in the 9/11 coverup, complicit in the looting of our treasury and the destruction of the Constitution.

It is imperative that they be removed from office and tried for their crimes.

What if 9/11 truthers ran for Congress- not just Bob Bowman and Carol B., but 435 truthers in every state and district. Nobody would have to quit their day jobs as this could be an internet/ volunteer movement a la 9/11 truth and Ron Paul's campaign. We could generate internet noise until the MSM was forced to cover us.

What do you think?
A. Crazy idea- we should leave politics to the politicians
B. Great idea- let's ask 9/11 blogger and every other 'end the war- stop the fascism' site to post a link
C. Hell Yeah, I'm going to run
D. other- explain

Legislation Alert: The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act

Below is the text of the so-called Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act
(H.R. 1955) recently passed by an overwhelming majority in the House and soon to be voted on by the
Senate (the House vote may be viewed at ). Only six House members voted against the bill--which should give us some idea of the 'improvements' we can expect should the Democrats succeed in retaking the executive branch next November.

In particular, note the reference to the Internet in item 3 under 'Findings.'

Questions: Would it be appropriate to characterize this measure as a 'thought crime bill'? Or are people who are truly violent the only ones likely to be affected by it? Might it best be viewed in the context of other recent measures? Such as the Defense Authorization Act passed in October 2006,
granting the President the authority--upon his own declaration of a public emergency--to station troops

Joe Biden: Biden Bill Granting Nationwide Subpoena Power to 9/11 Victims Heads to the President


Joe Biden: Biden Bill Granting Nationwide Subpoena Power to 9/11 Victims Heads to the President

Wed, 10/31/2007 - 15:08 — newsdesk

Biden Legislation Ensures Fairness, Full Information for September 11th Cases

October 30, 2007 -- Washington, DC – Today, the House of Representatives passed U.S. Senator Joseph R. Biden, Jr.’s (D-DE) Procedural Fairness for September 11th Victims Act (H.R. 3921, S. 2106). Earlier this month, the Senate unanimously passed Sen. Biden’s legislation, which ensures that those 9/11 victims and their families who opt out of receiving compensation through the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund and bring civil suits instead, have access to all the information relevant to the case. The bill now heads to the White House for the President to sign into law.

LA 9-11 Truth and Justicers Hit Washington DC aka the District of Criminality and/or Complicity

After participating in the 6th anniversary events in NYC, LA 9-11 truth and justicers David and I (Jeremy aka Shumonik) proceeded to Washington DC to truth-up the streets of DC and the halls of Congress. One of our first acts in DC was to do a banner drop on the steps of the Supreme Court under its statement of purpose "Equal Justice Under the Law." We quickly found out that was illegal and were told that the Supreme Court is private property. We didn't get to meet the people who own it.

Impeachment Rally @ Waxman's LA Office Tuesday, August 7th @ 4 pm

Apparently, my good Congressman has been listening to his constituents! I phoned last week to ask for his support of impeachment and for a new and thorough investigation of the events of 9/11--clearly stating my belief that the evidence suggests an inside job. When asked, his assistant confirmed that others called with the same concerns (about 9/11). I will be wearing my "9/11 was an Inside Job" T-Shirt, with a few friends. Spread the word to everyone you know in Los Angeles!


ACTION ITEM: Tomorrow (i.e. Tuesday, August 7th @ 4 pm), Congressman Waxman has asked LANIC representatives to visit his field office in L.A. to discuss Impeachment and H Res 333. LANIC is asking those who can make it to come early (by 3:30 pm) to participate in a support rally that will officially start at 4 pm! I apologize for the short notice but we just heard today from his legislative staff (Monday, 12 noon).

Put Your Name And A Comment In The Congressional Record


Put Your Name in the Congressional Record in Support of Impeachment

Rep. Dennis Kucinich wants to put the name of everyone who supports Dick Cheney's impeachment in the Congressional Record!

The Congressional Record is the official record of the proceedings and debates of the United States Congress. It is published daily when Congress is in session and is fully searchable.

Every day that Congress is in session, Rep. Kucinich will submit 5 single-spaced pages of names with states, which is the daily limit under House rules. To be included, all you need to do is submit this petition.

If you follow the link provided you'll find a form requesting your name, address, AND A BRIEF PERSONAL COMMENT. Here is YOUR opportunity to put your name on record throughout history as not only supporting impeachment but, for example, expressing the woeful inadequacy of the investigation of 9/11.

Congress Critical of EPA's Information on 9/11


OMB Watch
Published on 06/26/2007

Congress Critical of EPA's Information on 9/11

In recent House and Senate hearings, Congress called to task the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and former EPA Administrator Christine Todd Whitman for misrepresenting the health dangers World Trade Center (WTC) dust posed to the public in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. The Senate hearing, chaired by Sen. Hillary Clinton ☼ (D-NY), was held by the Committee on Environment and Public Works' Superfund and Environmental Health Subcommittee on June 20; the House hearing, chaired by Rep. Jerrold Nadler ☼ (D-NY), was held June 25 by the Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties.

The hearings focused on two main areas: (1) EPA's public communications about outside air quality immediately after the towers' collapse; and (2) EPA's programs to sample and clean inside residential air. In both instances, EPA's information greatly impacted the public's ability to make responsible decisions for their self-protection.

Is It Just Me?

Or are you feeling a strange desire to let Nancy know what's on your mind? Anybody with me?