Congressman Ron Paul

Real Publicity About the Need for 9/11 Truth

Wonderful video. It doesn't quite come out and say the things about 9/11 that need to be said, but it comes close. Further, Ron Paul has a very large following and from this video I can see why.

Ron Paul At Bannaroo

I am attending the Bannaroo Arts & Music Fest this year. It's a fairly large gathering that lasts 3 days. I am a little late on getting something set up and I'm hoping I can find some help from some tech-savvy 911 Bloggers.

Lot's of people, lots of potential @

My Idea:

2. burn it to a dvd. Please burn this so that the video will play on most DVD players. OR...
3. OR burn it to a cd-r for computers. PLEASE LABEL IT DVD OR CD ROM
4. Include other movies on the compilation, messages, links to web sites but please follow step #5
5. If you are going to author your own DVD...PLEASE keep the "Ron Paul For President" as the first video and over-all theme of the movie