Experimenting With's "Soapbox" Posting. Virgin Turf?

I have just posted my newsletter on the "Soapbox" area of

It costs only $8.95 for thirty days. They claim thousands visit daily - which seems likely. So far I have found no 9/11 Truth type ads there.

By going to now (July 4th PM) you can see the headline/link of my ad, at the top of the left side of the screen. {It will move down as new ads are added at the top.) To check out posting your own ad, click on "Create Your Soapbox Now."

Experiment with 's "Soapbox" Feature. Virgin Turf

I have just put my newsletter onto 's "Soapbox" ad section. It only costs $8.95 for 30 days. They claim thousands visit daily (which seems likely). If you go to right now (July 4 PM) you will see my ad headline at the top of the righthand side of the screen. (It will work its way down as new ads are added.)

So far I have not seen ANY 9/11 Truth type ads. This may be a fruitful new area to post on.

I have cut&pasted a segment from the posting confirmation page below to, give an idea of the process.

TO CHECK OUT POSTING YOUR OWN: simply go to and click on "Create your Soapbox now."

Soapbox Alerts - Put Your Cause Online

Successful submission: Your Soapbox alert has been submitted and posted online.

Receipt Number: 1285102361
Total Charge: $8.95
Order Date: 7/4/2007

You can view your alert here:

You will receive a receipt sent to your email address, and your Tell-A-Friend messages will be sent. You will then receive another email containing a link to your stats page so you can track activity on your alert.

An Efficient Way to Contact Media

For people who don't know about

Scroll down to click on "Media Guide" on the left hand index bar.

Then select a state, which will take you to (example below)

It takes only an hour or three to email to nearly every large and small newspaper, magazine, tv station and radio station in the state.

There is a similar set-up for federal and state legislators and elected officials.

This is a free service. Apparently they make their money on advertising and their paid services, such as hand-delivered messages, etc.


State Search Results for: Washington

To send a message, select your recipient(s) and click "Compose Message" below. Please limit the number of selections to 5.
For more information about an organization, click on its name.

Anacortes American - Anacortes,WA

Ballard News-Tribune - Seattle,WA

Battle Ground Reflector - Battle Ground,WA

Bellingham Herald - Bellingham,WA

Business Examiner - Tacoma,WA

Camas-Washougal Post-Record - Camas,WA

Cashmere Valley Record - Cashmere,WA

Centralia Chronicle - Centralia,WA

Chinook Observer - Long Beach,WA