Growing Discussion Among 9/11 Truthers of Israeli Involvement in 9/11

In a recent newsletter the Anti Defamation League wrote an article called
"9/11 Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theories Still Abound." It listed various
people and groups who have linked Israel with 9/11.

This "anti-semitic" slur is being directed at the 9/11 Truth Movement in general.
Note that the ADL does not have to disprove the notion that Israel or Jews were
involved in executing 9/11. Their members are so brainwashed and the American
public is so brainwashed that all they have to do is recite the accusations against
Israel and their audience assumes they are false and anti-semitic.

I'll speak for myself. I am anti-ANYBODY guilty of participation in the 9/11 plot,
Jew or Gentile. I am not "anti-Jew" in any all encompassing way. Some of my
greatest heroes are Jews. I'll name a few: Benjamin Freedman who blew the
whistle on his erstwhile fellow Zionists and their cold-blooded "plot" to get the
U.S. into WW I----to benefit the upcoming state of Israel; Norman Finkelstein who
wrote "The Holocaust Industry" and writes brilliantly of Israeli abuse of Palestinians;
Finkelstein has suffered for his advocacy, being denied academic tenure. I also