All of the NIST Error Correction Reports Recently Filed

I brought up this topic at Kevin Barrett's lecture at Bradley Univ., on Feb 6th, 2007.

I asked him why the Scholars for 9/11 Truth groups haven't filed an error correction report with the NIST engineering reports.

Apparently, within a month, three separate people have requested an error correction.

Edward F. Haas submitted one (partially related to WTC 7 report), on February 28, 2007:

Morgan Reynolds submitted one on March 8th, 2007:

Judy Wood submitted one on March 16th, 2007:

A single attorney represents all three error requests: Attorney Jerry Leaphart.

It is curious as to why these error corrections seek to stop the release of the NIST WTC 7 report due this year.

I believe it is a good thing to get to the bottom of these poor engineering reports through an honest justice system.

But isn't it smarter to have the support of ALL of the best academic and professional 9/11 Truth advocates for these error corrections??

I filmed the following lectures at Bradley University:
Part 1