Herblay FRANCE "911 Vérité" sur le marché le 16/03/2008

Herblay FRANCE


On the Herblay market today , I discussed with Bob his idea that the 911 truth mouvement should make an intervention for ten minutes during the UFO monthly meeting the 1st of April 2008 in the center of Paris.
About 10% of the personnes participating at these meeting ( ~100 went to see the 9/11 Press for Truth shown in Paris the 11th of December 2007

Ten minutes to explain the 911 truth mouvement but it must not be politique and it has to fit in with the objectifs of the ufolique meetings
. declines this invitation because they do not want their position deformed like with Marion Cotillard.
Yves , Moshin and I, in our own name will try to organise something but April is too early.

A young girl student came up to encourge Bob and me. She knows nothing for the moment about the PNAC Marion Cotillard - Respect present Oscar winning actress, Marion Cotillard, discussing the absurd notion that the Twin Towers and WTC7 collapsed due to fire. Also starring David Lynch, Charlie Sheen, Mos Def, Rosie O'Donnell and Yukihisa Fujita.

These people should now, according to U.S. news network MSNBC, be sent to secret prisons in Eastern Europe where they would undoubtedly be savagely tortured. Although if marion's going to be there, it could be worse. ;)

Marion Cotillard in the French Press posted 8 march 2008 and this page will be updated as information comes

Herblay FRANCE

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I have scanned and put together ( sorry only in French) what the journalists are saying on Marion Cotillard since the last week. The included reactions of the public are very interesting. I will add to this page any new future articles as they come.

. 0) 11 Septembre: Cotillard souffle le show et l'effroi aux Etats-Unis
. 1) Le Canard enchaîné du 5 mars 2008
. 2) du Vendredi 29 Février 2008 - 07:00 Bénédicte Charles ( article lu 100356 fois au 8 mars 2008 )
. 3) Charlie HEBDO mercredi 5 mars 2008
. 4) Libération Lundi le 3 mars 2008
. 5) Le Parisien , mercredi 05 mars 2008 par Guillaume Serina
. 6) L’affaire Cotillard sur "Parlons Net "