Please regroup here the world's television coverage on 9/11. Will they talk about nano-thermite?

Herblay FRANCE

Simple question : Do you think the French National television this week are going to inform the french on the active Nano-Thermite found in the WTC débris ?

If not should we manifest outside these stations to pressure them into informing our populations on the Nano-Thermite ?

Below I have put the programmes between the 7th and 12th Septembre 2009 on the French national televisions concerning 911.
Perhaps it would be possible to collect all the world's télévision programmes on one blog entry like here.



°1 lundi 07/09/2009 20h35 France 3 "102 minutes qui ont changé le monde"
102 Minutes That Changed America

°2 jeudi 10/09/2009 22h50 France 2 " 11 septembre : dans les tours jumelles"

°3 jeudi 10/09/2009 22h25 M6 "Vol 93 "

°4 vendredi 11/09/2009 20h45 CANAL+ "World Trade Center"

°1 _ _ _ _ _ lundi 07/09/2009 22h25 France 3 "102 minutes qui ont changé le monde"

A Free Method to Spread 911 Truth -- 200 views/minute!

Hi 911 Truthers!

Here is a free method for spreading 911 Truth to a new audience. Search Google Video and Youtube for the most popular videos and post a comment relating them to 911. The better your comment relates the video to 911, the less likely it will be tagged as spam. The most popular videos get over 200 views/minute ! Problem is so many comments are posted that after an hour or so the comment will move off of the first (video) page, so we need everyone to post!

Example one: While searching protest music, I found this one, 'My Chemical Romance - Famous Last Words ' (28.6 million views since January):

Did a little research about MCR on Wikipedia and posted this:

"Gerard Way was inspired to form 'My Chemical Romance' after witnessing the planes hit the WTC on 9/11/01. 9-11-01 WTC hero William Rodriguez and many others said the basement exploded and severe injuries occurred before any plane hit! With controlled demolition the basement is destroyed first to make room for the rubble, and in this case vaults filled with gold were in the basement. See Google videos '911 mysteries' and 'Loose Change'."

Newsday reviews VonKleist DVD,45829.html

The conspiracy theory of 9/11

NEWSDAY REPORTER Wednesday, October 11 2006

Five years after the horrific airplane bombings of New York’s World Trade Centre (WTC) twin towers, there are questions still unanswered, as science and common sense seem to point to different explanations of the events as they unfolded.

This is explored in the controversial documentary DVD, 911: In Plane Site, directed by William Lewis and narrated by talk-radio host Dave vonKleist.

The beginning text across the screen warning that “the information we’re about to view is overwhelmingly significant”, makes the viewer sit up fully alert and expecting shocking things. And these are delivered.

There is actual photographic evidence that seems to change the official version of September 11, 2001.

The narration and dramatic intro music painfully forces the viewer to remember the first scenes after the bombings, with questions such as “Did a plane hit the Pentagon?”, quickly answered by “Photographic evidence suggests not”, “Did explosives collapse the World Trade Centre?,” “Fire fighters tell the real story.” The docu-drama even suggests that US President George W Bush may have given the world distorted facts about the events.