covert criminal activity

Article about Who Really Calls the Shots

I (Student) found this at Truthout. It speaks of 'deep' politics -- even if in a mild way -- more clearly than usual whether in mainstream or more alternative news.

What Obama Is Up Against

Monday 02 November 2009

by: Russ Baker, t r u t h o u t | News Analysis

The first anniversary of Barack Obama's historic election finds many of his supporters already grousing. Fair enough: Obama has been more vigorous in some areas than others. But one essential question goes unasked: How much can any president accomplish against the wishes of recalcitrant power centers within his own government?


This has not been deleted, so far, and has 46 votes...

Stop Criminal Covert Activity

Covert intelligence operatives and private mercenaries contracted to the US government have been implicated in crimes ranging from international drug smuggling to terrorism. This unaccountable system must be exposed and stopped. See investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker for details related to CIA connected planes caught full of cocaine. Make Obama respond to these charges of criminal complicity in the CIA, DEA and FBI.

Apply the law to covert sponsors of terrorism, including prosecuting the former regime for their cooperation with terrorists such as Jundullah and M.E.K. (Seymour Hersh, The New Yorker).

Expose the "foreign governments" (US Senate, October 28, 2003) who assisted the "9/11 hijackers", whose acts were made "classified" by the Bush white house. This is arguably high treason, and is indicative of a wide cover-up of the 9/11 attacks. Disclose the roles of CIA and FBI supervisors who shut down investigations prior to the attacks and hold all parties accountable for their law breaking.