Covering up American War Crimes, From Baghdad to NYC

This following article ties together the cover-up of both war crimes and of the environmental damage to citizens and first responders from the 'demolition' destruction of the World Trade Center buildings.

Covering up American War Crimes,
From Baghdad to New York

By Charles Glass

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The discussion carries on to Facebook

I posted the new Deception Dollars on Facebook, and my friend Meridith, who lives in NYC, wrote.

You will not let go of this, will you?

To which I replied:

Well the murderers would like me to, but the crime has never been solved. Murderers usually like it when the investigation of a crime is covered up, and that fact itself is largely ignored. I'm not interested in doing things that mass murderers would approve of, even if it occasionally annoys people who, like them, would rather the matter be quietly left to drop.

If it weren't for the fact that the 9/11 crime led to two other much bigger crimes (wars), where people continue to be killed without justification every single day, while we sit here comfortably in the seat of power that's causing all the mayhem, than maybe I could "let it go".

Joe Stack’s 9/11, NSA, and Homeland Security Related Defense Contractor Clients

Of Goats and Men
February 20, 2010

The client list from the software programmer believed to have crashed his plane into the Echelon* building in Austin Texas reads like a guidebook to defence contractors with connections to 9/11, NSA and Homeland Security.

The FBI had his webpage removed (the screen message previously said that the FBI had it removed) from the internet, but of course the client list from the webpage has been archived and has corporations on it such as Interstate Electronics Corporation, which needed Mr. Stack’s help on developing a GPS-based Fight Management System of all things. IEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of L-3 which is a defence contractor with obvious Homeland Security and NSA connections. There is also this report from Wayne Madsen on Oped News of an L-3 consultant to the NSA who had watched a live feed of the first 9/11 plane impact as it happened. L-3 is included among corporations which were investigated by the SEC for unusual stock put-options in relation to 9/11.

The Guantánamo 'Suicides' A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle"

This following contains the full text of an 'exclusive advance feature by Scott Horton that will appear in the March 2010 Harper’s Magazine. The issue will be available on newsstands the week of February 15.'

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I believe this article indirectly implicates President Obama and the US government in continuing false flag operations and a 9/11 investigation cover-up at all costs, including murder, torture, and lies of the Obama deception.
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The Guantánamo “Suicides”: A Camp Delta sergeant blows the whistle

By Scott Horton

1. “Asymmetrical Warfare”

Dutch authorities: Underwear bomber did not contact accomplices in Schiphol Airport

Although the statements are not (yet) definiteve, since the investigation is till running, Dutch authorities are already denying that the underwear bomber had contact with possible accomplices at Schiphol Airport. The Dutch media have been absolutely silent about the 'sharp-dressed man' as reported by Kurt Haskell and his wife so this comes as no surprise.

Here's my translation of a press report that was just released by ANP (a large Dutch press agency).

'Nigerian already in possesion of explosives'

HAARLEM - The Nigerian man who tried to commit a terrorist attack on Christmas Day in an airplane flying from Schiphol to Detroit, is thought to have been carrying the explosives already when he arrived on Schiphol on a flight from Lagos (Nigeria).

So far it's thought that Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab did not have any contact with possible accomplices in the Dutch airport. (emphasis mine)

The Public Proscecutor in Haarlem stated that these are the provisional results of the investigation of the Military and National Police.

Jesse Ventura searches for coverups

Ventura in the Los Angeles Times. Although part of the Entertainment Rubric, do not underestimate the impact on mainstream oriented public. Ventura always clearly and concisely formulating his topics. I hope his TV series will have same qualities. This brief interview is worth reading.

Source: Los Angeles Times
By Scott Collins [The Sunday Conversation]

Image Description

Jesse Ventura is back. The former pro wrestler, who served as Minnesota governor from 1999 to 2003, is the host of "Conspiracy Theory," an investigative series that premieres Wednesday on truTV.

On "Conspiracy Theory," you investigate secret societies and supposed government coverups. Such theories are everywhere, but really, what big conspiracy has ever been proven?

Obama Worked for the CIA

This article by Wayne Madsen seems too logical to ignore, especially based on the protection and continuation of policies of the Bush years. The man has been groomed to be deceitful (in my humble opinion), and the facts of his being a Constitutional Law Professor, is quite simply disgusting. And the war and poppy-shooting is expanding, and other dreadful deeds.

Obama Worked for the CIA
By Wayne Madsen

New Details on Obama’s CIA-Front Employer

We have obtained additional details on Business International Corporation (BIC), the CIA front company where President Obama spent a year working after graduating from Columbia University in 1983.

BIC used journalists as non-official cover agents around the world. The firm published weekly and fortnightly newsletters for business executives, including Business International, Business Europe, Business Latin America, and Business Asia.

On February 24, 2009, WMR reported: “For one year, Obama worked as a researcher in BIC’s financial services division where he wrote for two BIC publications: “Financing Foreign Operations” and “Business International Money Report”, a weekly newsletter.

The Crazy October Surprise Debunking By Robert Parry (A Special Report)

After the Carter Administration failed to secure the release of American hostages held by Iran, Carter lost the 1980 election to Reagan. Following this, evidence emerged, particularly during the Iran-Contra investigations, that Republicans and CIA operatives, including George H.W. Bush, William Casey and Robert Gates, had sabotaged Carter's negotiations with the Iranians and made their own deal for hostage release. Thus, the phrase 'October Surprise' was coined. The evidence and allegations mounted and eventually caused a crisis of legitimacy, and so a 'bi-partisan' Commission was appointed to 'investigate' the matter. It was chaired by Lee Hamilton, and in January, 1993 a report was released that pretended to 'debunk' the evidence that the October Surprise operation had in fact occurred. Investigative journalist/author Robert Parry, who had investigated these things at the time, has written an account of how the Commission operated under the direction of Hamilton.

H1N1 Swine Flu "National Emergency" Warning!

This following was released today with information from Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, which relates to our discussion at a recent 9/11 Truth Leaders Teleconference. Minutes - October 28, 2009 is posted on 911blogger..

Tetrahedron Publishing
Health Science Communications for People Around the World

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Obama's National Emergency Advances Conspiracy to Advance Media Hype, Deadly Vaccinations, and Profitable Depopulation.

Los Angeles - The news media spreading Swine Flu fear is partnered with H1N1 vaccine makers financially-linked to officials advancing global depopulation, according to new evidence presented on YouTube by Harvard-trained health expert, Dr. Leonard Horowitz.

The new findings indict American health care reformers including Sen. Jay Rockefeller, whose Internet suppressive legislation targets enemies of the drug industry advancing an H1N1 Swine Flu conspiracy that is obviously genocidal.

Click on image to view YouTube video.

C.I.A. Is Still Cagey About Oswald Mystery
C.I.A. Is Still Cagey About Oswald Mystery
Published: October 16, 2009
WASHINGTON — Is the Central Intelligence Agency covering up some dark secret about the assassination of John F. Kennedy?

Probably not. But you would not know it from the C.I.A.’s behavior.

For six years, the agency has fought in federal court to keep secret hundreds of documents from 1963, when an anti-Castro Cuban group it paid clashed publicly with the soon-to-be assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald. The C.I.A. says it is only protecting legitimate secrets. But because of the agency’s history of stonewalling assassination inquiries, even researchers with no use for conspiracy thinking question its stance.

The files in question, some released under direction of the court and hundreds more that are still secret, involve the curious career of George E. Joannides, the case officer who oversaw the dissident Cubans in 1963. In 1978, the agency made Mr. Joannides the liaison to the House Select Committee on Assassinations — but never told the committee of his earlier role.

Transcript: John Farmer on Malloy Show with Brad Friedman 9/11/09

Transcript by Erik Larson- John Farmer, guest of Brad Friedman on Mike Malloy Radio Show, Sept 11, 2009

Brad Friedman- … John Farmer is the Senior Counsel to the 9/11 Commission, he served as the Attorney General of New Jersey, Chief Counsel to Governor Christine Todd Whitman, he’s now the Dean of Rutgers University Law School… and he joins us here tonight… very happily so- he is the author of a new book, ‘The Ground Truth: The Untold Story of America Under Attack on 9/11’- John Farmer, welcome to the Mike Malloy program.

John Farmer- Thanks Brad, I really appreciate it- thanks for having me.

Major news suppression: ALL government cost studies show sheltering the homeless is most cost-effective

hyperlinks and video live at source:

The US Interagency Council on Homelessness has found that all cost-benefit analyses show that paying for the homeless to have minimal housing, food, health care, and job counseling costs less than public costs of their street life. The greatest savings come from decreased emergency room visits, police calls, and court time. What isn't counted, and significant, is the increase of business in areas where the homeless are vagrants. In addition, these studies show most of these participants find jobs and leave these programs.

As always, please share this with all who say they want to be responsible citizens.

Philip Mangano, former Director of the US Interagency Council on Homelessness, provides an overview of the US and local government's experience of the costs and benefits:

‘Abu Ghraib US prison guards were scapegoats for Bush’ lawyers claim

‘Abu Ghraib US prison guards were scapegoats for Bush’ lawyers claim

(Pls also see comments at Huffington Post:

Tim Reid in Washington

Prison guards jailed for abusing inmates at the Abu Ghraib jail in Iraq are planning to appeal against their convictions on the ground that recently released CIA torture memos prove that they were scapegoats for the Bush Administration.

The photographs of prisoner abuse at the Baghdad jail in 2004 sparked worldwide outrage but the previous administration, from President Bush down, blamed the incident on a few low-ranking “bad apples” who were acting on their own.

The decision by President Obama to release the memos showed that the harsh interrogation tactics were approved and authorised at the highest levels of the White House.