Truthout Recognizes Colorado Public Television's Success in Airing of "Experts Speak Out"

Truthout.org posted an article yesterday (Sat., 29Sept12) describing the success of Colorado Public TV 12's airing of the "Experts Speak Out" documentary. The article also made the headlines on the Buzzflash.com website (a subsidiary of Truthout). Here is a link to the article: http://truth-out.org/news/item/11851-colorado-pbs-runs-9-11-film-sponsored-by-9-11-families-experts-reject-official-story-... . The writer points out that supporters of the film are asking public TV viewers everywhere to ask their local PBS station to air the documentary.

A Foot In The Door by Jon Gold

I can’t speak for the rest of you. I can only speak for myself. For almost 9 years now, I have done my very best to tell the next person about the lies of 9/11. To try and get the media to cover certain issues pertaining to 9/11, and to try and bring justice to the families that lost someone that day, and to the people of the world. Because as I’ve said several times, we were all attacked that day.

Almost every waking minute, I try and think about how to get a “foot in the door,” as far as getting the debate about 9/11 back on the table, so we can finally find out what happened that day and who was ultimately responsible. I’ve written article after article, created movie after movie, contacted journalist after journalist in the hopes of finally breaking through the wall that has been put up around the myth of 9/11. In one way or another, that is basically what everyone who advocates for this cause tries to do.