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The Creek will publicize your 911truth conference, speaker or movie event for free. You must get the information to us at least a month in advance. We are accepting event advertising now for events in July and after. Attach your event graphic to an e-mail and send it to: Include your name, address, phone number and any other information you think we need.

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Next deadline is June 1, 2007, for events in July and beyond.

Get free copies of the Creek for your 9/11truth group.

We want to help you spread the word about 9/11. We will send bundles of the Rock Creek Free Press newspapers for your next meeting or event. Just go to and submit a request.

Call for articles for the Rock Creek Free Press

The Creek Newspaper

To: 9/11 truth activists, progressives, peace activists and other patriots

Re: Invitation to submit articles for the next issue of the Rock Creek Free Press

Rock Creek Free Press is on-track for publication of the second issue for March 28. This issue will be undated and is intended for distribution locally in DC and to 911truth groups nationwide. We will have a number of articles covering various aspects of the 9/11truth movement as well as providing the historical context of state-sponsored false-flag terrorism and the related topics of war and peace, and mainstream media propaganda.

We want to cover the topics other papers refuse to cover. For example, Elaine is working on an article about the long, but largely forgotten, history of water fluoridation. We're going to report on the Peace Encampment on the National Mall and this weekend we will have reporters at the ANSWER march on the Pentagon.