Crooks and Liars

Dick Cheney Claims He -- Not Bush -- Was The Decider

By John Amato

Dick Cheney is once again telling everyone how much he loves waterboarding and torture. NBC is teasing an in-depth interview about Cheney's new book, In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir, which is being released at the end of August. Other bits and pieces are coming out to help promote the sales of the book like this article in the NY Times today: Cheney Says He Urged Bush to Bomb Syria in ’07

During George Bush's entire presidency the question of how much influence and authority VP Dick Cheney was given was always been part of the discussion. Cheney openly disdained rules, conventions and laws, pushing the concept of the Unitary Executive further than Nixon ever dreamed. Was Cheney making all the important policy decisions? Cheney once believed he was highly qualified to be president and threw out a trial balloon in 1996.

A little Truth entering, seaping, and creeping into the Mainstream.

This article by David Podvin is being passed around pretty high circles after this Patrayus crap occurred. It's basically a defense of the liberal movements criticism of him and a response to the bullcrap that John McCain keeps talking about "respect your authority figures" bullshit.

I received this article through my DemocracyForAmerica yahoo group (Howard Dean's old creation) here and also see it is posted over at MyDD, a more well known progressive democratic blog.

It's a hell of an article too.


By David Podvin

Chertoff Should be Fired.

Michael Chertoff recently had a sit down with the Chicago Tribune Editorial Staff for over an hour... Here is the resulting article printed July 11th, 2007.,1,2055735.story?coll=chi-news-hed&ctrack=1&cset=true

What gives Chertoff the right to tell the country that he has a “gut” feeling that we’re going to be hit with a terrorist attack this summer?

“Summertime seems to be appealing to them,” he said of al-Qaeda. “We do worry that they are rebuilding their activities.”

Still, Chertoff said there are not enough indications of an imminent plot to raise the current threat levels nationwide. And he indicated that his remarks were based on “a gut feeling” formed by past seasonal patterns of terrorist attacks, recent al-Qaeda statements, and intelligence he did not disclose. There is an assessment “not of a specific threat, but of increased vulnerability,” he added.

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