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"We'll Soon Know if Obama Will Expose 9/11 Truth"


As internet activists, it's always good to do regular news.google.com searches on "9/11," "9/11 conspiracy" and "9/11 truth" to see if there are any recent articles worth mentioning. Today, I happen to find the following piece, very favorable, written by an obviously well-read Shelton Lankford. While the article is positive, the first 10 or so comments are rather hateful, negative comments telling Mr. Lankford to take his meds. I was the first positive comment. I realize that many of us feel lazy when it comes to registering an account with a paper in order to comment, but it really does only take a minute. Please take the time to not only comment but also e-mail the author and thank him.
We'll Soon Know if Obama Will Expose 9/11 Truth

The calendar has ticked over and in 16 days, we won't have President Bush to kick around any more.