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Pennsylvania to cover cost for security at 9/11 site

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Pennsylvania to cover cost for security at 9/11 site

By Daniel Lovering The Associated Press

The Denver Post

Article Last Updated:06/13/2007 01:17:43 AM MDT

Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania will pay for security at the Flight 93 crash site to end a dispute over a donation box at the memorial to the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the governor said Tuesday.

Landowner Mike Svonavec said he installed the box to cover security costs at the site near Shanksville. But the cash box angered victims' families, and the National Park Service covered it with a black plastic bag.

Gov. Ed Rendell announced a $120,000 grant to pay for security at the site for two years, saying the victims' families should not have to raise the money themselves.

"It also eliminates any need for donation boxes, which transformed this hallowed ground into something less dignified," Rendell said in a news release.