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Flu Conspiracy * NYC CAN * Rescue Me

“No other group in the world takes H5N1
Asian flu infected chickens, brings them
to Europe, extracts their DNA, combines
their proteins with H1N1 viruses from the
1918 Spanish flu isolate, additionally mixes
in swine flu genes from pigs, then ‘reverse
engineers’ them to infect humans. The end
product that Reuter’s describes could only
end up in Mexico via the United States from
Britain in care of the CDC. Ruben Donis at
the CDC had to have sent them to Novavax,
where Rick Bright’s team is now Implicated in
a conspiracy to commit genocide­ - the mass
killing of people for profit.”

-- Dr. Leonard Horowitz

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Flu Conspiracy * NYC CAN * Rescue Me

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- - NYC CAN Executive Council
3) World To Be Punished for the Corruption

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Daniel Sunjata: Intellectual Dishonesty In The Age Of Universal Deceit...


Intellectual Dishonesty In The Age Of Universal Deceit:
a message to the corporate media and our elected officials.

By Daniel Sunjata - May 4, 2009 - www.911blogger.com

"The inert masses are mentally and spiritually ill equipped to deal with reality, so they block it out of their minds - aided of course, by the corporate media and the propaganda apparatus of the government itself. This is why fantasy is frequently substituted for reality, plutocracy is mistaken for democracy, and the majority of the people do not know the difference. Millions of good people thus refuse to allow into their psyche the suffering and misery that U.S. policies have produced and exported to the world, even as that reality is closing in upon them." - Charles Sullivan

"They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality...and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening." - George Orwell, 1984

“Article XXXIV OBSTRUCTION OF INVESTIGATION INTO THE ATTACKS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001” - From the 35 articles of impeachment introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives on 06/09/08 in H.Res. 1258 by Congressman Dennis Kucinich

The list is not a short one. It includes professors, architects, aerospace and aviation professionals, structural/mechanical/& aeronautical engineers, demolition experts, firefighters and other first responders, scientists, theologians, senior members of both the military and intelligence communities, Republican administration appointees, state department veterans, and other government officials from the United States and abroad; credible experts of impeccable pedigree with impressive track records from relevant fields of expertise, whose coolly rational intellects are not easily given to an unfounded belief in outlandish, unsubstantiated, or unverifiable claims. Individuals such as these are numbered among the ranks of skeptics and critics of the official theory of conspiracy regarding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Some pose questions, others draw conclusions, still others (like Congressman Kucinich) go so far as to level accusations and to substantiate them with evidence.

New “Loose Change” Film To Be Released on September 22nd, 2009

Here is the official Press Release by Dylan and Crew:


Answers Revealed On September 22, 2009

SAN FRANCISCO, CA., APRIL 30, 2009 – Microcinema International DVD (www.microcinema.com) today announced the acquisition of “Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup (www.loosechange911.com);” the latest installment in the series from director Dylan Avery and producers Matthew Brown and Korey Rowe. “Loose Change” (2005) and the sequels have been viewed online over 100 million times worldwide and sold nearly two million cumulative units. “Loose Change 9/11: An American Coup” will be available exclusively on DVD September 22, 2009.

TV Guide: Rescue Me Heats Up With 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

(Correction: This blog entry originally identified "Reader's Digest" as the source, but the article is on the TV Guide website. -rep.)


by Adam Bryant - Apr 13, 2009

Rescue Me is back from its 18-month hiatus, and the early episodes of Season 5 prove the show is again firing on all its raucous and raunchy cylinders. But it's also turning a more focused eye back on 9/11 and its impact on the men of 62 Truck.

In doing so, this season brings mainstream attention to widespread conspiracy theories that suggest the 9/11 attacks were an "inside job." Fireman Franco Rivera — played by Daniel Sunjata, who in real life subscribes to these same beliefs — becomes the mouthpiece for these ideas on the show, something Sunjata admits he wasn't expecting to see on his script pages.

"I was pretty shocked because I happen to know for a fact that those opinions are not indicative or reflective of FX, Denis Leary, Peter Tolan, or anybody affiliated with creating the show," Sunjata tells TVGuide.com. "What I like about the way they're addressing the topic is that they're not pre-packaging it for the audience — the reactions span the whole spectrum from agreeing to vehemently disagreeing to a great big question mark. I think it's laudable and admirable that with such a hot and controversial topic, FX was willing to even include it in the show."

Franco first reveals his theories in Tuesday's episode when being interviewed by a visiting French journalist who's writing a book on 9/11. In a two-minute monologue (which you can watch in full below), Franco suggests the attacks were part of a "massive neo-conservative government effort" that wants to achieve "American global domination." To do so, they must create war to control Middle Eastern oil, a prospect that would be sped up by "a new Pearl Harbor."...


Daniel Sunjata interviewed by Eric Deggans, media critic of the St. Petersburg Times.

The interview appears on TampaBay.com on his blog entitled "The Feed." 4/6/09

April 06, 2009

Lemonade from lemons: How Rescue Me producers turned Daniel Sunjata's
wild-eyed 9/11 conspiracy thoeries into compelling drama

It was an uncomfortable moment, even for guys who make a living spinning tough drama out of fart jokes and sex talk. But when critics asked the minds behind FX's blockbuster firefighter drama Rescue Me about the inspiration for a storyline where one of the guys insists the 9/11 terrorist attacks was an inside job, they simply pointed to castmember Daniel Sunjata. That's because Sunjata, a buff, accomplished actor who has played everyone from Reggie Jackson to Langston Hughes, actually believes a faction in the American government pulled off the attack.

Make Sure To Watch This Season Of FX's "Rescue Me"

Thank you to the producers, the cast, and crew. A special thanks to Daniel Sunjata for what will most assuredly be as it says in the picture, "an interesting season."

Bringing attention to the issue of 9/11 Truth is very simply, the right thing to do.

My Letter Of Support For Daniel Sunjata

Well, it's begun. As I pointed out in Fact #25, "several celebrities have spoken out for 9/11 Truth. Each time one has done so, almost in unison, the Mainstream Media has attacked them." Slowly but surely, because Daniel Sunjata, and the makers of "Rescue Me" have decided to tackle the truth about 9/11, the media and different websites are starting their attack.

As of right now, these are the two attacks that I know of:

Fox News
American Thinker

When the blog from American Thinker appeared, I sent a letter to the email address provided. Here is that letter.

Fox host: People who question 9/11 are 'mentally ill'

Fox host: 9/11 truthers are 'mentally ill'
David Edwards and Stephen C. Webster - Thursday February 5, 2009

When the New York Times explored the political beliefs of Daniel Sunjata, an actor on the FX network's show "Rescue Me," it was under the banner of a "sinister theory."

The "sinister theory" that a group of neoconservative politicians may have colluded to allow, or bring about, the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

On Thursday's Fox and Friends, Greg Gutfield, provocative host of Fox's late night program Red Eye, called individuals like Sunjata, who question the events of 9/11, "mentally ill."

Rescue Me Works 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Into Its Plot - Gothamist.com 2-2-09


Rescue Me Works 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Into Its Plot

Word has leaked that in an episode for the upcoming season of the FX firefighter drama Rescue Me, the womanizing fireman Franco—one of the show's main characters—espouses theories that 9/11 was an inside job, carried out as part of a neoconservative plot to change the definition of "preemptive attack" and control the world's oil. The Times says that it marks "the first fictional presentation of 9/11 conspiracy theories by a mainstream media company." Star of the show Denis Leary says that the scene is not far off from scenes in actual fire houses "where some of the younger members don’t even have to completely buy into the theory of 9/11 being an inside job, but want to discuss it."

What is more striking than the fictional plot line is that the show is using the real-life conspiracy beliefs of the actor who plays Franco, Daniel Sunjata, to promote the storyline. In a press tour, Sunjata said that he “absolutely, 100 percent” supports the assertion that “9/11 was an inside job.”

New York Times: The Political Suspicions of 9/11

[What's this doing in the New York Times business section? And where are the usual derogatory jabs against "conspiracy theorists"?]


The Political Suspicions of 9/11
Published: February 1, 2009

A coming episode of the acclaimed FX drama “Rescue Me” will tackle what may sound like a far-fetched plot line: that the attacks of Sept. 11 were an “inside job.” The actor who espouses the theories on camera, it turns out, also subscribes to them in real life.

Claims that Al Qaeda terrorists were not solely responsible for the attacks have a lively following on the Internet, including on YouTube, but the second episode of “Rescue Me’s” fifth season, starting in April, may represent the first fictional presentation of 9/11 conspiracy theories by a mainstream media company (FX is operated by the News Corporation).

“They’re not discussed a lot in the press,” Daniel Sunjata, the actor who plays Franco Rivera on “Rescue Me,” told reporters at a television press tour last month. He predicted that the episode would be “socio-politically provocative.”

Rescue Me character believes 9/11 is an inside job - and so does the actor playing him.

From: http://blogs.kansascity.com/tvbarn/2009/01/rescue-me-chara.html

Boy, did I open a can of worms today at the press conference for "Rescue Me," the great Denis Leary comedy. It's back (soon) for a fifth season, and in watching the second episode I noticed the show drifting back to the 9/11 memories theme it explored at length in the first season. So I grabbed a microphone and pursued that questioning with the producers, and I asked a couple of the actors to chime in as well.

One person I asked was Daniel Sunjata, who plays Franco on "Rescue Me." I asked him because there is this fascinating, where-did-THIS-come-from scene in the second episode. A French journalist is interviewing firemen who were at Ground Zero on 9/11 for a new 10th-anniversary commemorative coffee table book. First, watch what Sunjata's character says. I would call this high-end conspiracy theory-mongering, the type that many people might say, "Hm. Well, I don't agree, but you raise some very interesting points there."

9/11 Truth Rant Featured In Hit TV Show Rescue Me

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Debunkers and hit piece-obsessed establishment media titans were hoping that 9/11 truth had faded into the background as we accelerate further away from the attacks which took place over 7 years ago.

However, a scene from the second episode of the fifth season of Rescue Me, the wildly popular TV drama about New York City firefighters, reminds us that 9/11 remains at the forefront of American public consciousness.

In the scene, the character played by Daniel Sunjata, who is a dedicated truther in real life, goes on a lengthy, detailed and vehement rant about how 9/11 was an inside job to an intrigued female character played by Karina Lombard.

The scene is part of a 9/11 conspiracy theme that runs throughout the fifth series, a fact revealed last month by Sunjata’s fellow Rescue Me star, Dennis Leary.

Episode of Rescue Me features "9/11 was an inside job" monologue

The second episode of season 5 of Rescue Me includes a monologue by a prominent character who believes 9/11 was an "inside job." The character happens to be played by Daniel Sunjata, who also believes 9/11 was an inside job.

Video from the show and from an interview with Sunjata is available here:


In part, Sunjata's character says the following:

"9/11? Inside job. Plain and simple. And all you gotta do is connect the dots. ... I am talking about a massive neoconservative government effort, been in the works 20 years. Ever heard of PNAC? Project for a New American Century? According to them, the end goal of their effort is American global domination. Full spectrum dominance, they call it. Now, first question that pops into my mind is: How do you pull that off in this day and age?"

The trade publication Variety has also picked up the story.

Daniel Sunjata on the Alex Jones Show - April 9, 2008

Wednesday April 9, 2008

Alex Jones and Daniel Sunjata talk about the Shell Game (Alex supports the book but feels that the story has been over saturated), The Jesse Ventura phenom and about how Alex is talking to other celebrities he knows hoping they will go public now to help break the truth dam wide open

(14:37 Minutes - 4.1 Meg)


Daniel Sunjata: The Tipping Point.

(Edit: Mr. Sunjata has entered a second blog entry expanding his thoughts here. -rep.)

I Play a FDNY Firefighter on TV - It is TIME to HONOR Them By Demanding 9/11 TRUTH

"A tipping point has been reached in The People's 9/11 Truth, Peace, and Justice Movement. That tipping point is embodied in Steve Alten's new explosive historical-novel entitled "The Shell Game."

"However, a tipping point is just a tipping point until somebody (in this case, the entire 9/11 Truth community) lays hands upon it and DOES THE TIPPING." – Daniel Sunjata

PLEASE VISIT: www.WeekofTruth.org

"The Shell Game" exposes the fallacy of the "official" 9/11 theory of conspiracy in a way that is at once terrifying, entertaining, provocative, and informative. In so doing, Mr. Alten has provided the missing fulcrum with which the truth about 9/11 can finally be leveraged into the mainstream of public discourse, which as we all know is exactly what is needed to cement the achievement of what has been our collective goal for almost seven years now; a national resolution of 9/11 by a truly independent, unimpeachable investigation WITH POWER OF SUBPOENA which will finally hold to account the true perpetrators of this horrendous crime against humanity, our country, our constitution, and our citizenry.

However, a tipping point is just a tipping point until somebody (in this case, the entire 9/11 Truth community) lays hands upon it and DOES THE TIPPING. Already, Truth leaders from across the spectrum including Professor Steven Jones, Dr. David Ray Griffin, Richard Gage (AIA), Paul Craig Roberts, Jack Blood, various chapters of We Are Change, Dylan Avery and Loose Change, and many many others have pledged to unite in support of a one pointed initiative. We are calling this profoundly important initiative, "The Week of Truth Buy-In," which will be from April 16th-22nd.