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Win Tickets To See ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11 with the Independent Newspaper

If you live in the UK you can enter a competition to win tickets to see ZERO: An investigation into 9/11 playing nationwide from Sunday. For more details go to http://www.independent.co.uk/extras/sound-and-vision/?vid=892008

The film will be reviewed in the UK national papers from Friday. For more information about screening times see www.picturehouses.co.uk

Tim Sparke and Francesco Trento will be interviewed for BBC Radio 4 programme 'Front Row', on Tuesday 26th August 19:15 - 19:45.

Please support the film. This is a great opportunity to get the 9/11 message out to the people of Britain.

Zero: 9/11 - a review.

If Matt Taibbi had even one percent of Gore Vidal's intellectual grasp of American history, perhaps then it would make reading his presumed 'leftist' opinion about 9/11 a little easier to stomach. (I presume that Taibbi pitches from the left, because his screed is published at Alternet.org and AfterDowningStreet.org.) Fortunately, we don't need him. Gore Vidal is still among us, and it is his image and voice in the new Italian documentary 'Zero: an investigation into 9/11', that expresses a critical perspective of 9/11 that will ring true to the ears of those who will hear, and will help to free the prisoners currently living out the Allegory of the Cave, mesmerized by shadows of terror, cast upon the wall by the likes of yellow journalists like Taibbi.