Dave Emory

Dave Emory's Disinfo Attack on Steven E. Jones

May 12, 2007 - Dave Emory has issued a correction to his broadcast, but the blog entry in which the correction is made is a further smear piece, expanding on the other, weaker points made by Emory, and reinforced by the person who maintains the blog. Correction noted Emory, now get to work on the last decade's worth of corrections. -r.

I used to listen to Dave Emory at length. I found his theory that an "underground Reich" is at work causing mischief, murder and mayhem all over the world fascinating. He bolsters his theory with an impressive backlog of archived radio programs that have been broadcast on station WFMU.

One of the cornerstones of Emory's theory is a book by Paul Manning, "Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile".

Much of the “For The Record” series deals with the Bormann Organization and the research done on that by the late Paul Manning ... The Third Reich has been able to survive—underground—in deadly, Mafia-like fashion ... His death at the end of the war having been effectively faked by Gestapo chief (and later security director for the Bormann group) SS General Heinrich Muller, Martin Bormann proceeded to lead the economic and political affairs of the Underground Reich and (in effect) the Federal Republic of Germany ... When Paul was finally able to get Lyle Stuart Inc. to publish the book, Lyle Stuart had both of his legs broken the week the book was published ... source

There is only one problem with this book. Martin Bormann is dead. D-E-D dead. He has been dead since May 2, 1945. This was proven once, when Bormann's skeletal remains were discovered in 1972. The remains were positively identified using the dental records of Bormann's (and Hitler's) personal dentist.

This proof wasn't good enough for folks claiming that the "remarkable and deadly Bormann Organization" was alive and kicking, so a mitochondrial DNA analysis was conducted, and the results published in the scientific journal, "The International Journal of Legal Medicine".

Contrary to statements of an eye-witness who reported that Martin Bormann, the second most powerful man in the Third Reich, died on 2 May 1945 in Berlin, rumours persisted over the years that he had escaped from Germany after World War II. In 1972, skeletal remains were found during construction work, and by investigating the teeth and the bones experts concluded that they were from Bormann. Nevertheless, new rumours arose and in order to end this speculation we were commissioned to identify the skeletal remains by mitochondrial DNA analysis. The comparison of the sequence of HV1 and HV2 from the skeletal remains and a living maternal relative of Martin Bormann revealed no differences and this sequence was not found in 1500 Caucasoid reference sequences. Based on this investigation, we support the hypothesis that the skeletal remains are those of Martin Bormann. source.

Maybe Emory should be calling it the "remarkable but bogus Bormann Organization".