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In his recent speech to the United Nations, UK Prime Minister David Cameron is trying to get powers to force ISPs to close down access to websites that, in his opinion only, may be showing dissent. (see at mark 4:45)


He labels 9/11 researchers as 'non violent activists'. And says that we are as dangerous as ISIS.

He has to be stopped!

Please send a personally written email to David Cameron challenging his recent UN speech demonizing 9/11 activists.

Britain’s sports stars at the service of war propaganda

Britain’s sports stars at the service of war propaganda
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compiled by Cem Ertür
11 November 2011
2011 Poppy Appeal poster features British tennis star Andy Murray

“End of a tyrant”: The Independent and The Guardian jubilant over the assassination of Libya’s deposed President Gaddafi

The Independent, 21 October 2011




The Guardian, 21 October 2011




The Independent, 21 October 2011




The Independent, 28 August 2011




The Observer, 20 March 2011

(The Observer is the Sunday edition of The Guardian)



Obama to Qaddafi: Comply with UN resolution or face military action



The Guardian, 18 March 2011




British Army ready for Libya mission at 24 hours’ notice

     Daily Telegraph, 5 March 2011




British Army ready for Libya mission at 24 hours’ notice


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6 March 2011

compiled by Cem Ertür


UK Prime Minister Cameron: We will use military force to free Libya

            The Times,1 March 2011 



            Daily Mail, 1 March 2011



David Cameron: "...when the twin towers were blown up..."


June 11, 2010 — This morning on BBC news as David Cameron gave a speech to the troops in Afghanistan in which he said "In/on 9-11 when the twin towers were Blown up'' ...


Blogs to vote up on “Webcameron”!

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The clairvoyant collapse: BBC reports on 9/11 WTC7 collapse - 20 minutes before the event!

Is Zbigniew Brzezinski a Wild 911 Conspiracy Theorist?

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Are you a Freemason?


Also here's his recent reply as to why he thinks the 9/11 Commission report is accurate;

"I’m afraid my view on this issue hasn’t changed in the last couple of weeks, and is unlikely to do so no matter how many different ways the question is put!

Of course inquiries into the dreadful events of 9/11 are really a matter for the US. But we have to remember that, during its 20-month investigation, the bi-partisan Commission interviewed more than 1,000 witnesses and looked at more than two million documents. It was a huge undertaking.

David Cameron answers this weeks questions..

Well Cameron has answered last weeks questions.

Every week he spends the least amount of time on the highest ranked questions, wonder whether that is because they are not the sort of Q's he gets asked in his normal politcal/media circles.

Totally failed to recognise what I was asking him in the first question, and then does an even better job of skirting the second on MI5/MI6 training extremists.

Please go vote this weeks good Q's up: the current top rated is on 911, and mine regarding whether or not he would be prepared to meet an eye witness to 77 (suspicious plain clothed police filming him and the bus that just exploded) is just outside top 5 :-)

Blogs that need voting up!

David Cameron is set to answer a question on MI5/6 funding terrorism;


Great job everyone who voted! Here’s some new blogs to vote up;

Why do you consider the 911 report accurate??

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David Cameron answers second question on 911: Press for Truth

Says he hasn’t watched the whole thing, but is aware of the concern about 9/11, thinks "911: Press for Truth" while not mentioning "conspiracy" contains "one sided arguments" and it is his "strong belief" that a real investigation isn’t needed.

If anyone wants to keep the pressure on here's another blog that needs voting up;

MI5/6 funding terrorism?