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9/11 truth conspiracy theory is baseless: Comment in the Guardian


This guy bashes 9/11 truth about halfway down into the article.

Can science silence the doubters on David Kelly?

Baseless conspiracy theories are a sadly inevitable side-effect of the kind of sceptical inquiry we really need


Tories ready to reopen Dr David Kelly suicide inquiry

Source: www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1284116/Tories-ready-reopen-Dr-David-Kelly-suicide-inquiry.html 

Tories ready to reopen Dr David Kelly suicide inquiry


Last updated at 8:39 AM on 5th June 2010

Dr David Kelly's medical records, due to be kept secret for 70 years, may be released earlier

The investigation into the death of weapons inspector David Kelly is likely to be reopened, it has emerged.

The case has 'concerned' Attorney General Dominic Grieve and - as the highest ranking law officer in England - he is considering an inquiry to review the suicide finding, Whitehall sources say.

At the same time, Justice Secretary Ken Clarke is considering a request from campaigning doctors to release medical files relating to the death. 

Lord Hutton, whose inquiry into the death was denounced as a whitewash, has indicated the papers should be kept secret for 70 years.