David Paterson

Newest FaxForTruth.com Campaign: New York Governor David Paterson

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Please take two minutes to send a fax for a new 9/11 investigation

You can send faxes for free over the internet at www.faxzero.com.

Source: http://faxfortruth.com/wordpress/?p=10

Taken directly from the site:

This week our campaign will focus on the current Governor of New York David Paterson. We ask that you take two minutes to fax the Governor’s office asking him to please push for a new investigation into 9/11. You can use the sample letter provided below or write your own. As always a polite, respectful tone is preferable.

NY Governor David Peterson’s fax number: 518-474-1513

Sample letter:

Today’s date

New York Governor David Paterson
State Capitol
Albany, NY 12224
Fax: 518-474-1513
Tel: 518-474-8390

Dear Governor Paterson,

I wish to call your attention to a matter of grave importance which has been insufficiently investigated and explained nearly seven years after its occurrence. This matter took place in New York City on the day of September 11th, 2001.