David Schippers

Who Is David Schippers?

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August 3, 1999: Wright Removed from Vulgar Betrayal Investigation

9/11 Whistle-Blowers

A powerful lineup of Whistle-Blowers putting an end to the debate on 9/11. G*d help those who look at this information and still deny an investigation of the highest degree is in order. The deniers' own future is at stake, their children's future is at stake. Whistle-Blowers need our help.


David Schippers says "Ho Ho Ho!"

David Schippers

David Schippers, the man who impeached Bill Clinton and who is representing the FBI agents who are suing the government for blocking their investigations into 9/11 says "Ho Ho Ho!" (not really) ;-)

... But, please listen to this great interview with Alex Jones as he discusses the above issues among others.