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Death Threats Silenced Sen. Mark Dayton in his Aggressive Pursuit of 9/11 Truth

John Buchanan from 4/22/2005 speaking event. -- This excerpt deals with the death threat against Senator Mark Dayton (D) Minn - when he aggressively challenged the Pentagon and FAA lies to Congress. -- Buchanan also details the 9/11 Truth movement's lost opportunity with Elliot Spitzer.

9/11 Truth Activist Gets Death Threats

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Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A prominent 9/11 truth activist and a reporter for Alex Jones' radio show has received threatening phone calls and death threats after exposing the fact that WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein got a warning on the morning of 9/11 not to come to work.

We Are Change founder Luke Rudowski is well known in the movement for his prolific demonstrations in New York and most recently for his confrontation with Silverstein's security thugs, one of whom called in a false bomb threat in an attempt to frame the protest group but was later fired.

Another individual from Silverstein's security detail had told previously Rudowski on tape that Silverstein and other members of his family got a warning to to come to work on September 11 before American Airlines Flight 11 hit the north tower of the World Trade Center.

It has since emerged that two other members of Silverstein's family, his son and daughter, both of which worked in the trade towers, were mysteriously "running late" on that same morning.