Debbie Schlussel

Columnist/talking-head Debbie Schlussel cites 9-11 sites on Novak's "inside job" piece

In a recent column or blog entry, mainstream media mouthpiece Debbie Schlussel tries to trash recently deceased columnist Robert Novak by associating him with the 9-11 Truth movement. Perhaps she doesn't realize that admiration for Novak's lifetime of investigative journalism might just spill over to the movement, an obvious miscalculation on her part. Interestingly, she argues that the website, while quoting Novak's column regarding 9-11's being an "inside job," failed to quote the part about Israel being the big winner from 9-11. In actuality, hyperlinked the headline above the excerpted material to the Peter's New York article on, and of course that article cites the passage she implies the "Truthers" are trying to distance themselves from. What Really Happened did a bangup job with the proper quotes and link, but Schlussel demonstrates poor research by basing her article on a missing phrase which was actually in the article quoted from, and by failing to give complete attribution to the author (although I was delighted to be called a 9-11 Truther).