Debra Sweet

Special "Worst President Ever" Presidents' Day Show on Dynamic Duo Monday 2/17

George W. Bush's legacy will include his complicity in 9/11 high treason and mass murder. "Worst president ever" doesn't even begin to do justice to this level of betrayal.

To celebrate the (hopefully) impending end of Bush's reign of terror--the last Presidents' Day with this incurious, sadistic borderline psychopath fouling up the White House--I have invited two of America's leading impeachment activists: Peter Thottam of and LA 9/11 Truth and Debra Sweet of

I understand that Peter may be turning away from impeachment activism toward supporting Obama, which I'm not sure is a good idea. Webster Tarpley has made a good case that Obama is a dangerous NWO front-man, and that Hilary, for all her faults, would be a small step toward reorienting the political system in favor of ordinary working people, who are being bled dry by the NWO globalists.

My Radio Guests Today and Tomorrow: Debra Sweet, Col. Bob Bowman and Richard Gage

Today's guest on GCN is Debra Sweet is the National Director of World Can't Wait, the leading impeachment lobby. WCW has sort of tiptoed around 9/11 truth in their push for impeachment, so it will be interesting to hear what Debra has to say about the issue. I get the sense that she and many others at WCW are closet 9/11 truth supporters, but they keep it low key to avoid scaring off the still-to-be-educated. Her willingness to spend two hours of talk radio with an all-out truth jihadi suggests that she's at the very least open-minded...

Monday 12/10: Debra Sweet, National Director, World Can't Wait: 4-6 pm CT, "The Dynamic Duo" on GCN: Network 4