Dump Trucks Ready on 9/11/01 to Cart off Evidence

The removal of debris from the crime scene of 9/11 has been looked at as a piece to the other crime of 9/11; the cover-up and censorship of the event and the evidence. Professionals would like to know: If the official story were correct, why would fire collapse WTC #7? This would be the first time in history that office fires could account for a total failure and global collapse of a steel-framed high-rise building. Surely there would be something to learn - imagine if you dropped a ball and it fell up!

If the removal of 9/11 crime scene evidence is new information to you, let me point you to another question you should be asking: If the attacks of 9/11 were a surprise and the collapse of WTC #7 unprecedented in history, why was an army of dump trucks there the same day ready to cart off debris which included human remains and structural evidence? 

Trucks entering frame at 1:26 below, seconds after WTC #7 collapsed:

Cincinnati 9/11 Truth TV: Pentagon Part 2 and Flight 93 Part 1

Episode 20 of our Weekly TV show is up, and I finish the presentation I started last week on the Pentagon; this episode airs the testimony of Roosevelt Roberts and Lloyde England, then we turn to Flight 93 and the anomalies at that crash site, which in turn will be continued on the next show. My presentation, after the show's intro, starts at 7:45. Enjoy, and please keep it civil in the comments, me included! ;-)

Piece of debris with part number, CNN, 9/12, 01:10

Just found this in the mpeg's, clear footage of what appears to be a plane part with an identifiable number. I remember having seen this once before, but the quality of this new version is undoubtly much better.

An original, not reencoded cut from the original file can be downloaded from here: (this is an interlaced, NTSC, 480x480 MPEG2)

Critical WTC 7 Foreknowledge Article by Graeme MacQueen, in anticipation of BBC Program

Critical WTC 7 Foreknowledge Article by Graeme MacQueen, in anticipation of BBC Program

Graeme MacQueen Debunks Mackey & Roberts

The BBC program comes out on Sunday, so I thought I'd get a leg up and post this here. I expect the arguments of Mackey and Roberts to be incorporated into the BBC program.

Waiting for Seven: WTC 7 Collapse Warnings in the FDNY Oral Histories
Prof. Graeme MacQueen

This is a great article. It totally debunks the idea put out by MacKey and Roberts that the WTC 7 foreknowledge was a rational thing for the firemen because of all the fire and debris damage.

This article shows that only 7 firemen actually made observations that they thought WTC 7 would fall, while 50 "were told" it would fall. These 7 firemen sound very confused and paranoid, and contradict NIST, who still doesn't know why WTC 7 fell seven years later.

MacQueen also finds that a majority of the firemen "definitely" thought WTC 7 would fall. Really, they knew definitely?

Misdirection at WND

Sept. 11 redux: Video shows jet vaporizing OR SO THEY SAY ...

"Test offers evidence to skeptics who cite lack of debris after Pentagon crash" WND's headline

You need to go to the site to see the vid and article. What is disturbing is that you can see the wings go through the block of cement, however, they fail to mention that there was no wing damage to the Pentagon building.

Also no mention of how thick the wall of the Pentagon is to their experiment wall, nor the grade of density of the cement used in their experimental wall, which appears to be about 4 feet thick. The F-4 is considerably smaller than a 757. In addition, WND does not show photos of the wall or debris after the experiment, so how do we know there wasn't any debris. I don't know about F-4 engines, but I do know that on a 757 the material for many of the parts of the engines: like fan blades and turbine blades are made from titanium or other extremely dense alloys.

Then they poll the reader: "Does the video change the way you think of 9/11?"