The deception and lies of Iraq ...past\ present\ future

It just goes from bad to worse..unless this Administration can be stopped

Now that we have put behind us the WMD canards and Iraq’s non-existent links to the atrocities of 9/11 – the Bush administration and its mass media collaborators are marketing new and improved lies.

The new tall tale is that we went to Iraq on a noble mission to spread the blessings of democracy in the region. And that the democratically elected Prime Minister – Nouri Al-Maliki - is being subverted by rouge death squads and the insurgents. There is only one problem with this scenario – Maliki is the defacto leader of the death squads. He’s quite happy to have the Marines engaging the insurgents in Ramadi while his security forces and allied militias go about the nasty business of ethnically cleansing Baghdad.

Fully two years ago, there was more than enough evidence to suggest that the Bush administration was complicit in establishing and nurturing death squads. Long after the death squads appeared on the scene – outfitted in their official issue police uniforms – American advisers continued to equip, train and provide logistical support to the Iranian trained militants who had infiltrated the security forces.

It’s hard to imagine that the folks in the Pentagon and the CIA failed to notice the open collaboration of the Iraqi security forces with the death squads. The history of this dark chapter in the American occupation of Iraq is slowly coming to light thanks to folks like Seymour Hersch and Kim Sengupta. While Hersch’s initial accounts were met by denial, The Pentagon no longer bothers disputing articles like one by Sengupta that appeared in The Independent on 10/31/2006.