in defense of having ones view

The smell of a pundits fear

The "coming out" of rosie on the issues of 911 have had a dramatic and , i think , unexpected effect. it has made the shills reveal themselves in a manner so obvious and so single minded that the level of propaganda has achieved laughable levels.

Take bill oreilly lately,if you havent eaten yet, and consider his latest attack on a retired military guest over the geneva convention and the iran british flap. bill who has scorned the conventions and supports torture like a midevael pope, suddenly wants to pigeonhole her response to blaming iran [as is the official purpose of putting those sailors in harms way] and have her say only that iran is in noncomplience to the conventions,within a minute his ravings devolved into a question about her loyalty to america and then he cut her mike, bill is just a dangerous hypocrite who has brought his yellow journalism to new heights of irrelevancy,and danger to our republic.