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New Targets For Kucinich: 9/11 And Handguns


Posted by Sabrina Eaton April 19, 2007 16:12PM

Cleveland Democratic Rep. Dennis Kucinich told an interviewer during one of his recent presidential campaign jaunts that he plans to hold an inquiry sometime in September on "some specific areas" of 9/11.

"The inquiries will be limited," Kucinich told blogger Keith Farrell, who posted his interview on YouTube. "But I think that by focusing on some specific areas that to me represent the most egregious examples of distortion of truth or lack of information, by focusing in on that, I'll be able to bring forward a new dimension to the discussions. And from there, we'll move ahead."

So what are those egregious examples that he'll dig into?

Kucinich's congressional office has refused to say.

Dennis Kucinich Reaffirms Upcoming Domestic Policy Committee Inquiry into 9/11

In the following clip Kucinich not only says he is interested in a 9/11 inquiry - but solidly states that there will be one done by the Domestic Policy Committee which he chairs - perhaps beginning around September of this year.

Constitution in Crisis questions Dennis Kucinich on 9/11

Thanks to for posting this video, here is their description as taken from their website:

For now, we have posted a video clip from our very first interview. Congressman and Presidential Candidate, Dennis Kucinich
was kind enough to sit down with us for a quick Q&A. We were able to bring up the attacks of 9/11 and were some what surprised
by the Congressman's reply. Mr. Kucinich stated that he would use his authority as Chairman of Domestic Policy to open an
inquiry into the events and that we could expect to hear somthing by September. He also invites victim's family members to
contact him. Let's circulate this video and hold him to his words.

Dennis Kucinich To Launch An Investigation Into "A Narrow Portion" Of 9/11

Kucinich brings hard-nosed arguments -
Presidential candidate touts his consistent anti-war stance as an advantage over fellow Democrats

By DAN HIGGINS, Staff writer
First published: Monday, March 26, 2007

ALBANY -- Presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich predicted Sunday that by the time the New Hampshire primary arrives early next year, so many Americans will have tired of the war in Iraq that his peace platform will make him the choice for the Democratic nomination.

"They all voted for (war funding)," Kucinich said of his fellow Democratic opponents -- former Sen. John Edwards, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama. He said he is the only Democrat who can boast he's always been against the war, which, he told a packed house Sunday evening in Albany, "was based on lies."

Presidential Hopeful Dennis Kucinich Calls for 9/11 Truth at DC Protest

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Interesting comments from Kucinich about a minute and a half into the clip above:

And finally, our plan is to tell the truth about 9/11

You might recall a post almost a year ago when Kucinich said:

Do we see a pattern here? 9/11? Katrina? They knew something was going to happen and they didn't act.

Interestingly enough the following article is from just 11 days ago and seems to take a different position in regards to Kucinich:
Kucinich Office says, "9/11 is's past" -- Review of 9/11 Report not a priority -

You can find Dennis Kucinich's website at It might be a good idea to contact him with your thoughts, and encourage him to layout in detail on his website exactly what he hopes to do in office as related to 9/11 truth.

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