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Jesse Ventura on the Dennis Miller Show Discussing 9/11

Dennis Miller  seems to get caught up in the question of “who did it",  in reference to questioning 9/11. Why do so many people end up with that question? My thoughts are:

1) Easy answers are desired in this day and age. People “don’t have time” to do their own research. Look at the lack of research by every individual into what they vote on in their local elections.  ”Without a lead, it’s hard to follow.”

2) Perception; Threshold levels. Saying, “controlled demolitions took down our towers, and the Bin Laden group or Saddam did it” is one thing, but saying “controlled demolitions took down our towers, and our own officials, or intelligence apparatus were involved” is another. This is just how we have been conditioned, and thankfully, looking into 9/11 really helps break that very conditioning!

10/10/08 call to Dennis Miller show about 10/10/01 incident of armed Israeli operatives caught at Mexican Parliament--transcript

Before I forgot about this and we get too far away from the date, I wanted to post this transcript of a call I made to the Dennis Miller Show last year about the 10/10/01 incident of well-armed Israeli operatives getting caught at the Mexican Parliament. It was definitely not my best effort, but I just wanted to put it out there so others can see and critique and learn.

Here is the history commons entry about it:

And here is a blog entry which might be helpful in understanding this event with a comment from me about the "Strategy of Tension."
Nafeez Ahmed: Calibrating fear - The liquid bomb plot and the long war-

…By the way I had a chocolate mousse there last night. We’re taking your phone calls, 866-99-DENNIS. Jeremy in Los Angeles-if that’s Ron Jeremy, busy yourself for a few seconds, we’ll be right with you [laughter] 866-99-DENNIS…

Dennis Miller needs some information.

Dennis Miller went on The O'Reilly Show on Oct. 31st, 2007 and discussed his views on 9/11.

Dennis Miller commenting on 9/11.

Miller commented on Rosie O'Donnell and other radicals who imply that 9/11 was an inside job. "I just want to say to Rosie - if you have some information that George Bush and Rudy Giuliani somehow chose to blow up World Trade Center Building # 7, I as an American citizen want to see that. If you're a patriot and you have that information, you owe it to this country to bring it out."

I couldn't fine the video of this segment, but hopefully someone TiVo'd it so we can put it up. I say we take his advice.


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