Dennis Spear

Pilots For Truth Welcomes Army Aviator Dennis Spear

Dennis has many interesting things to say. We are anticipating to be on Mike Chambers Radio program Friday night at 11PM Central time (we will be joining the second hour).

Qualifications are as follows:

Dennis Spear
Army Aviator
20+ years - United States Army
7000 TT in a variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft
C-23, C-7, U-21,U-8, T-39, EH-60, UH-60, UH-1, OH-58
Instrument Flight Examiner, Fixed Wing Instructor Pilot, H-60
Maintenance Test Pilot
Operations Officer, Aviation Safety Officer
FAA Commercial Pilot
- ASMEL, Rotorcraft Helicopter, Instrument Airplane/Helicopter

Welcome to the team Dennis, its an honor to have you!

Rob Balsamo