British military insider: World War III is being staged; starting with Israel and Iran

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US “leadership” and their corporate media minions are pushing juvenile-level propaganda for war with Iran; lies that anyone can verify with a few moments’ attention. If you haven’t already confirmed the Orwellian-level disinformation, stop and read the above two links now.

Many people hypothesize the confirmed lies for wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, and a final war with Iran, is to control oil. Connected is the theory that US political and economic “masters” are so confident in their propaganda, and so correct in their conclusion that the critical mass of humanity is too feeble to stop them, that they brazenly move forward for global hegemony.

This article provides a different explanation of the facts; with heightened urgency to prevent war with Iran, as it is a planned step to begin a Third World War.

Murdoch Tabloids Strike Dr. Wakefield to Market Deadly Vaccinations

The following is news release by the organization founded by Len Horowitz, who is a real pioneer in exposing the fraudulent media-pharma, very much linked to the military industrial complex and (sic) plans for a 'new world order.'

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Release: No. 206-H1N1-30
Date Mailed: January 30, 2009
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"Murdoch Tabloids Strike Dr. Wakefield to Market Deadly Vaccinations"

The PharmaMedia, led by Rupert Murdoch's tabloids, are making Dr. Andrew Wakefield a BigPharma patsy in their desperate effort to bandage the public's hemorrhaging confidence in vaccinations.

Rupert Murdoch's family and business partners are heavily invested in BigPharma, and are losing billions of dollars annually due to growing distrust of media propaganda and widespread aversion to vaccinations.