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Maybe I am repeating myself - But for possible newcomers to this website I feel this is one of the most obvious evidence that the official story of 9/11 is false - and I feel it is worth repeating.

The official account of what happened to the Twin Towers is that they "collapsed" because of weakened steel. But after watching these three videos available on YouTube and VideoGoogle it is absolutely clear to me that gravity alone not possibly could have pulverized these massive buildings!

Note the ENORMOUS mushroom-shaped-dust-cloud throwing hundreds of thousand tons of massive steel beams and concrete - several hundred meters outwards as it explodes from top to bottom with ENORMOUS force!

Destruction of evidence raises a presumption of guilt

I found this on Information Clearing House s one of the lead articles

By William Sumner Scott, J.D.

12/16/07 "ICH" -- -- It is a natural tendency to remember the good and forget the bad. If that tendency is allowed to play out its course, George W. Bush and Richard B. Cheney may go down in history as two of the greatest leaders of all time because they initiated the first military action against Middle Eastern religious zealots commonly called “terrorists”. Terrorism must be stopped, but the methods used by Bush and his henchman, Cheney, were based upon violence against the American people, murder of innocent Middle Eastern civilians, cover-up of the truth, lies, torture, and wrongful detention and surveillance. No impeachment proceedings will expose the American people to similar despotism from its future leaders.

With the exception of Senator Frank Leahy’s leadership of the Senate Judiciary Committee that led to the resignation of Alberto Gonzales, the lawyer who condoned Bush’s wrongful action, the American government has failed to properly protect its citizens from harm.

The "Official Investigation" Blessed by FEMA and ASCE is a Half-Baked Farce - 9/11 Memory Hole

Reading 9/11 related forums and articles, I frustratingly often encounter comments from supporters of the "official theory" stating that WTC debris was investigated and that no signs of explosives etc were found. They always fail to mention that no GZ access was allowed for investigation (including FEMA), investigators were only able to scrutinize what was taken to the Freshkills site, obviously we do not know what was NOT taken to Freshkills.

Anyway, this reminded me of the very honest, yet damning article (Jan 2002) written by the editor of "Fire Engineering Magazine" Bill Manning, including the "half baked farce" statement. Below are a few of those quotes :

  • To treat the September 11 incident any differently would be the height of stupidity and ignorance. The destruction and removal of evidence must stop immediately.

PROOF OF THERMATE QUESTIONED: Prof. Fetzer vs. Prof. Jones

PROOF OF THERMATE QUESTIONED: Prof. Fetzer vs. Prof. Jones

James H. Fetzer and Steven E. Jones

6 May 2007

NOTE: This exchange was initiated by a post from Nila Sagadevan endorsing “proof of thermate” in a post included at the end. Steve's replies to my original are identified, as are my new responses. I have edited asides in order to focus on the important issues, where anyone who has received the originals can verify the difference for themselves. I have had the great benefit of expert advice from Judy Wood, Ph.D., in preparing this reply. In my opinion, the most serious question facing the 9/11 truth movement is the adequacy of this line of research.

ORIGINAL (3 May 2007):


I am fascinated with your seemingly unqualified endorsement of Steve Jones' thermite/thermate hypothesis. I hope that some of the members of this list can help me figure this out, because I must be missing something not to recognize that his approach holds the key to understanding what happened at the World Trade Center. Please ask your list if someone could help me figure out what I have wrong. Thanks!

JONES (4 May 2007):