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Judge Hellerstein: CIA can keep 9/11 videotape info secret

NY judge: CIA can keep 9/11 videotape info secret

By LARRY NEUMEISTER (AP) – 4 hours ago

NEW YORK — A New York City judge says he won't order the release of hundreds of documents the CIA has refused to make public regarding the destruction of videotapes of detainee interrogations following the Sept. 11 attacks.

Manhattan federal Judge Alvin Hellerstein ruled Wednesday after viewing a few of nearly 600 documents related to the CIA's 2005 destruction of videotapes documenting new harsh questioning techniques.

He said a federal judge must defer to the CIA director in assessing information related to such an issue of national security.

The judge also said he probably would have ruled on the same grounds that the videotapes would not have to be released if they had not been destroyed.

A lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union says he doesn't know if he'll appeal.

Statement By 9/11 Family Member Donna Marsh O'Connor On The CIA Tapes

Kean and Hamilton issued a statement today, January 2, 2008 (only six-plus years since 9/11/2001) that was “just-inned” on CNN. They published an editorial in the New York Times today. Their position: Their work was blocked, the investigation tainted. They repeatedly asked for tapes from the CIA that were never provided. They came just short of calling for a real investigation. They (as they have done since the beginning) left that work to the victims’ families.

Will you now cover 9/11 truth, not as a series of destructive conspiracy theories, but as a movement inhabited by sane citizens from all walks of life (scientists, CIA whistleblowers, theologians, professors, researchers, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and more) as well as family members of the victims who deserve as patriotic Americans the answers to the lingering questions of that day? Will you now take up the call first put together in mainstream media by the four heroic widows from New Jersey?

The C.I.A. Tapes: Our Need to Know

Two days ago, I wrote the following on my site:

"I don't know if anyone's read it, but here's Zelkow's memo.

He references "Document Request No. 4", and "Document Request No. 37".

As we've heard several times from the 9/11 Families, the "document requests" meant absolutely nothing to the agencies that received them, and more often than not, were ignored (as was the case with the two Zelikow mentioned).

What they should have done was use their power of subpoena that the families fought hard for them to get.

For a Commission that was mandated to give a "full and complete accounting" to make something like document requests "general policy" (according to Kean) when they had the ability to subpoena is absurd, and shows how "thorough" the investigation really was."

CIA Chief To Drag White House Into Torture Cover-Up Storm


Sarah Baxter

THE CIA chief who ordered the destruction of secret videotapes recording the harsh interrogation of two top Al-Qaeda suspects has indicated he may seek immunity from prosecution in exchange for testifying before the House intelligence committee.

Jose Rodriguez, former head of the CIA’s clandestine service, is determined not to become the fall guy in the controversy over the CIA’s use of torture, according to intelligence sources.

It has emerged that at least four White House staff were approached for advice about the tapes, including David Addington, a senior aide to Dick Cheney, the vice-president, but none has admitted to recommending their destruction.

Vincent Cannistraro, former head of counterterrorism at the CIA, said it was impossible for Rodriguez to have acted on his own: “If everybody was against the decision, why in the world would Jose Rodriguez – one of the most cautious men I have ever met – have gone ahead and destroyed them?”

9/11 Commissioner Expert on Destruction of Evidence

I've written several essays arguing that the destruction of 9/11 evidence by the government is proof of guilt (see, for example, this and this).

Attorney William Sumner Scott has done the same, in an article entitled "Evidence Destruction Raises Presumption of Guilt":

Justice Dept.: Back Off On CIA Tapes

Yet again, we experience Deja Vu' with this Administration blocking efforts to investigate something with regard to 9/11. I'm reminded of Able Danger. I'm reminded of Sibel Edmonds. I'm reminded of THE ATTACKS THEMSELVES. - Jon


By MATT APUZZO, Associated Press Writer Sat Dec 15, 6:25 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The controversy over destroyed CIA interrogation tapes is shaping up as a turf battle involving the courts, Congress and the White House, with the Bush administration telling its constitutional coequals to stay out of the investigation.

The Justice Department says it needs time and the freedom to probe the destruction of hundreds of hours of recordings of two suspected terrorists. After Attorney General Michael Mukasey refused congressional demands for information Friday, the Justice Department filed late-night court documents urging a federal judge not to begin his own inquiry.