Deval Patrick

Boston's Second Tier Newspaper Prints 9/11 Hit Piece

Sure to become an instant classic, it has all the right words--"moonbat", "anti-semitic", "kook", etc.

Gov gives fools their forum: Moonbats in his Web
By Michael Graham
Thursday, March 29, 2007

“9/11 was a joint Bush administration/Israeli operation. It is time America to wake up and smell the thermite!”- Posted on the “9/11 Truth” page of

You don’t have to be a clueless, conspiracy-obsessed moonbat to support Deval Patrick. But it sure doesn’t hurt.

Deval Patrick’s official grassroots political Web site was launched with great fanfare by Team Patrick. Its purpose is to energize Patrick’s grassroots base as he confronts the evil “Beacon Hill insiders” who don’t share his desire to shaft businesses and kill jobs - or as he puts it, “bring economic justice and close loopholes.”