d.h. griffin

Stubbs Tower Implosion - Savannah, Georgia - 2007-12-15

WSAV - Savannah, Georgia Hilton Head, South Carolina NBC affiliate station.

Stubbs Tower on Bee Road in Savannah came down around 8 a.m. on Saturday, Dec. 15, with a series of controlled explosions. 400-500 pounds of explosives were used to create a twenty five foot tall pile of debris from the former fifteen-story low-income housing highrise.

Sorry. No video to embed here. You must visit this link to see the disgustingly poor quality teevee station videos:


Long lead-in by television news talking heads and a brief discussion of the implosion methodology by a spokesman for D.H. Griffin, the company responsible for the implosion. D.H. Griffin has been in the implosion business for several decades and also managed the implosion of the old Atlanta Fulton County Stadium. There are several videos of the implosion from different angles and a computer simulation created by N.C. State University' Department of Applied Science International.