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Discovery Channel 9/11 After the Towers Fell (2010)

Discovery Channel 9/11 After the Towers Fell (2010)

Discovery Channel 9/11 After the Towers Fell is one of the first 2010 specials devoted to the attacks of September 11th 2001.

This 45 minute Discovery Channel film focuses on the search and rescue after the attacks and interviews some of those directly affected by the events of that horrific day. It is a highly emotional piece, which clearly shows how the victims of that day are still suffering.

The events in Manhattan on 9/11 are shown in chronological order and depoliticised to focus on the human tragedy. After about 5 minutes into the film the South Tower is shown to collapse. The narrator prefaces this with “Then the South Tower begins to buckle.”

It is interesting to see what footage was chosen to show the destruction of the Twin Towers. There are close-ups of initiation but there are quick cutaways to shots of the towers falling from a far distance or unstable hand-held shots. This technique may have been used to eliminate any controversy over the collapses by depriving the audience a more revelatory view of any anomalous events.

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Comment: Did you know that common office fires can bring down a building? Willam Rodriques? Who is that? Barry Jennings? Never heard of him. What NASA satelite heat signatures? It was the first "global" collapse of steel structured buildings period. Ignorance is Strength. Long Live Big Brother.

About the film: The image of featureless steel structures catastrophically crumbling into a fatal dust storm was indelibly imprinted on the minds of millions of people around the world. Yet the enormous plumes of smoke, the soaring balls of fire and the sheer scale of the buildings masked the human face of the tragedy. For the first time, through drama supported by interviews and archival footage, TV audiences will be invited to venture inside the towers to follow the stories of more than a dozen individuals whose daily routine is swept aside by events that changed the world forever.